The Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention (ASAP) is a nonprofit organization that addresses the critical problem of sexual abuse and molestation. Its mission is to assist communities in building healthy, responsible, and abuse-free spaces.

ASAP provides treatment and prevention resources to victims, therapists, and community organizations to create a healthy and safe environment.

Therapy programs, professional training, and summer camps are some of the main activities of ASAP. The organization is supported by the Friedberg Charitable Foundation, Toronto.



We were using an older version of ProProfs and it did not cater to the needs of our program nor our clients. We needed more information about the settings for the training, grading, and notifications since they were necessary for clients to continue to purchase our training resources.


We spoke to ProProfs about our dilemma and asked whether we could have additional support to go through all of the settings. We also asked that they develop a feature where the administrator of each group was alerted to their own staff completing the training.


We immediately felt that we were able to use ProProfs more efficiently and that we could assure our users that they would see benefits of signing up to our training program.

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