What Is Marketing Training?

Marketing training is the training that marketing professionals undergo. It may include product training, training on marketing tools, brand guidelines, compliance training, affiliate marketing, cross-department training, and marketing analytics.

Many companies use online marketing training software to administer such training. Such training programs are often tailored to meet specific company requirements and reflect industry trends and the new realities.

What Is Marketing Training?
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Why Is Training Your Marketing Team Important?

Marketing training is significant not just for your marketing team but for your business as well
Enhance Knowledge & Skills
Enhance Knowledge & Skills

Training equips a sales team with sound product & service knowledge, which is necessary for the job role.

Keep Employees Updated
Keep Employees Updated

Only regular training can bring sales people up to speed and enable them to keep pace with fast-evolving market trends.

Increase Sales & Profits
Increase Sales & Profits

Even the best products on the market fail terribly without a solid marketing strategy. Training gives marketing professionals ideas about making more sales and revenue generation.

Features You Can Expect From Marketing Training Software

Marketing training software by ProProfs offers everything you could possibly need
  • 100+ Premium Ready-to-Use Courses
    100+ Premium Ready-to-Use Courses

    A fast-growing library of 100+ ready-to-use courses to get marketing training up and running quickly.

  • Virtual Classroom
    Virtual Classroom

    Administer online training via a centralized and secure virtual classroom.

  • Quizzes & Surveys
    Quizzes & Surveys

    Add engaging quizzes & surveys to a course to assess your learners & seek feedback.

  • 100+ Customizations
    100+ Customizations

    Leverage over 100 LMS customizations and configurations and gain complete control over how you use the software.

  • Collaboration Tool
    Collaboration Tool

    Give your learners access to peer knowledge and wisdom through online community-based social learning.

  • AI-Powered Reporting
    AI-Powered Reporting

    Take training decisions based on the intelligent reports & analytics that the marketing training software provides.

How Marketing Training Software Can Benefit Your Company

Train your employees more easily and faster with our robust marketing training solution
Easy Course Creation
Easy Course Creation

Pick a customizable customizable training template and link the page, a ready-to-use course, or develop a course entirely from scratch using your existing content. ProProfs LMS offers a built-in intuitive authoring tool.

Virtual Classroom Software
Multiple eLearning Formats

Deliver content in different formats such as audio files, videos, docs, infographics, and presentations according to your audience’s preference.

Ease of Update
Ease of Update

Since the marketing software is fully web-based, it is easy to add, modify, or delete information in your training courses and lessons unlike printed resources.

Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

Monitor learners’ activities, including course participation, engagement, completion, time taken, etc. in real-time. View charts, graphs, and other data visualizations.

Training Acceleration
Training Acceleration

With all the tools for training optimization in one place, learning accelerates naturally and you achieve training goals faster.

Time & Cost-Saving
Time & Cost-Saving

ProProfs removes the need for training logistics, venue, printed materials, and time away from work that characterize traditional offline training. This saves ample time and cost for your business.

Who Can Use Marketing Training Software?

Marketing is indispensable in any business regardless of the industry. So whether you’re a digital marketing company or a software development company, you can use our online marketing training software to train your marketing teams efficiently and effectively.

Who Can Use Marketing Training Software?
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How LMS Can Help You

Train your marketing professionals anytime, anywhere
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Create, design, deliver, and track marketing training programs effortlessly. The platform is intuitive as it is designed for users of all skill levels.

Ready Training Resources

Ready Training Resources

ProProfs’ ready-to-use courses and customizable templates mean you can get your marketing training ready in minutes.

Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning

Our LMS is learner-centric and crafted to address each learner’s needs. Add learning paths, gamification, discussion forums, and more to your programs.

Flexible & Scalable

Flexible & Scalable

The tool is adaptable to any eLearning environment. Train 10 learners or 500 learners with equal ease. The LMS expands as your training needs grow.

Powerful Integrations

Powerful Integrations

Connect ProProfs with other useful tools such as CRM, CMS, and email marketing platforms. Amplify the power of an LMS that is already robust.

Awesome Support

Awesome Support

We’re driven by the belief that software should make people happy. We offer delightfully smart tools backed up by awesome customer support.

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How ProProfs Training Maker Works

ProProfs lets you focus on your training outcomes & people, not the software

Easily Create Online Courses

World’s easiest marketing training software for creating online courses & tests

ProProfs LMS makes course creation a breeze. Create online marketing training courses, lessons, and tests on any topic. Use its fast-growing premium library of expert-designed courses ready for deployment. Or else, you can use the built-in authoring tool to create everything from scratch. Either way, the tool is super-easy to use. Users of all experience levels can use it without any problem.

  • tick Training tick Easily create courses
  • tick Training tick 100+ premium ready-to-use courses
  • tick Training tick eLearning authoring tool
  • tick Training tick No technical knowledge needed

Add Media & Personalization

Make your training programs engaging and reflect your brand identity

The tool supports various file types, including docs, images, videos, infographics, presentations, and other media. It is aimed at helping you make online training content highly engaging, which increases the course completion rate. Personalize your training with a logo, color, theme, and messaging to build brand recognition. Remove any references to ProProfs with white-label and promote training programs under your own brand.

  • tick Training tick Upload any file type
  • tick Training tick Make training engaging
  • tick Training tick Personalize with branding
  • tick Training tick Use white-label feature
Enable Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Enable Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Train learners wherever they are, whenever you want

Being fully cloud-based, the LMS enables you to train anyone, anytime, anywhere using any device. The platform works on all browsers and operating systems. You can easily train remote teams from right where you are and never let them sense the distance and time zone differences as a barrier to learning. Learners can choose their own schedules and self-pace learning.

  • tick Training tick Compatible with all devices
  • tick Training tick Train remote employees
  • tick Training tick Improve course participation rate
  • tick Training tick Self-paced learning

Assess Learners With Quizzes

Choose from over 100 quiz templates & 10+ question types

Knowledge gaps analysis becomes easy with engaging quizzes in the corporate LMS. Choose from different beautifully designed quiz templates and question types. You can add these quizzes at the end of each chapter as a practice exercise to gauge knowledge retention. Motivate your learners to keep learning till the end of a course by making learning less dull.

  • tick Training tick Beautiful & engaging quizzes
  • tick Training tick Assess knowledge retention
  • tick Training tick Keep learners motivated
  • tick Training tick Make learning more exciting
Assess Learners With Quizzes

Get Delightful Reports & Analytics

Access insightful data on real-time learning progress & knowledge gaps

ProProfs LMS gives auto-generated course overview reports & analytics. They show learners’ progress, performance, completion rates, total time taken, and score. Such data also show areas where learners encounter problems. With such information in hand, making data-driven training decisions becomes easier and reliable. Also, you can improve your courses based on these reports to make them more effective.

  • tick Training tick AI-powered reports
  • tick Training tick View progress & course completion
  • tick Training tick Make data-driven decisions
  • tick Training tick Improve course effectiveness
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100+ Ready-to-Use Premium Courses

Fast-track your marketing training with professionally designed courses

Simplify online employee training with our ready-to-use courses meticulously designed by industry experts. You can use these resources as they are or modify them to suit your specific training requirements. Along with this, ProProfs also allows you to create courses from scratch by importing your existing content such as company policies and employee manuals.

100+ Ready-to-Use Premium Courses

Beautifully Crafted Course Templates

Choose from 100+ professionally designed online training course templates

Course templates by ProProfs are designed by experts and they are easily customizable. These templates have been developed by following the latest trends in typography and aesthetic design for maximum appeal. You can easily personalize these templates with your logo, color schemes, theme, and brand messaging.

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Works Great for All Your Employee Training Needs

Employee Onboarding
Employee Onboarding

Set your new hires up for efficiency, productivity, and performance from day one. Deliver training that engages and motivates them till the end. Make the onboarding impactful, measurable, and memorable.

Sales Training
Sales Training

Turn your employees into sales professionals who increase your business sales and profits. Train them easily on all essential topics, including product & service knowledge, sales negotiations, and handling sales objections.

Channel Partner Training
Channel Partner Training

Our channel partner training software enables you to train distributed partners around the world. Undertake partner enablement programs with an easy and robust tool.

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Integrate ProProfs LMS With Your Favorite Tools

Connect ProProfs with emailing marketing tools, CRMs, CMSs, and a host of other tools. Access the integrated tools from within the LMS itself. No more constant switching between different tools.

  • MailChimp
  • Salesforce
  • Campaign Monitor
  • BambooHR
  • Zoom
  • Highrise
  • TribeHR
  • SugarCRM
Integrate ProProfs LMS With Your Favorite Tools

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FAQs About Marketing Training Software

Why Is Marketing Training Software Important?

Marketing training software is significant in that it can help streamline marketing training for faster, better, and more optimized results. It can remove all the roadblocks to creating training courses, managing learners of any class size, and monitoring progress. Some of the best software systems on the market offer end-to-end marketing training solutions.

What Are the Uses of Marketing Training Software?

ProProfs LMS is a one-stop solution for online marketing training. Using it, you can do a number of things. You can create courses and tests, train employees anytime, anywhere, enable them to learn in any language, assess them with engaging quizzes, promote social learning, view delightful reports & analytics, and so on. The software makes an ideal solution for eLearning. It automates many of the repetitive manual tasks, saving time and effort in the process.

Can ProProfs LMS Be Used as Marketing Training Software?

Certainly. The LMS is designed for all types of enterprise training across all industries. Create engaging marketing training programs and administer them to your marketing teams. Get real-time updates on progress and course completion. ProProfs saves you time and cost on planning and executing marketing training while ensuring that your employees learn better.

What Are the Best Marketing Training Software?

Most of the well-known learning management systems today offer marketing training solutions. Examples include ProProfs LMS, TalentLMS, SkyPrep, and Mindflash. One common thing shared by these LMS solutions for marketing training is that they all simplify, accelerate, and save training time and cost. Plus, they can save you from all the headaches and frustrations of administering large-scale corporate training programs.

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