Create Training Courses Easily

Train your employees using engaging online training courses

Create Corporate Training Courses Easily

Build engaging custom courses online that resonate with your brand. Start from scratch, use your existing materials, or use ProProfs resource library. Upload images, videos, infographics, presentations, and other visuals to your courses. Embed quizzes to assess the extent of knowledge retention. Easily create and administer federal sexual harassment training course or workplace communication training course. Train any number of learners hassle-free.

  • Develop courses easily
  • Reuse existing content or library
  • Embed quizzes for assessment

Add Flashcards, Quizzes & Certificates

Make your courses interesting with engaging visuals

Use the best corporate training software to make your courses visually appealing and interactive. No more boring training sessions! Provide a variety of learning experiences to trainees using your corporate learning platform. Add flashcards to assist learners retain memory, surveys to gather feedback, and certificates to acknowledge training performance.

  • Design interactive courses
  • Provide diverse ways to learn
  • Add surveys, flashcards & certificates

Get Reports & Analytics

Keep track of learning progress and make objective assessments

Leverage the robust reporting & analytics feature of the corporate training software to assess course completion rates, learners’ progress, engagement, participation, and satisfaction level. Monitor individuals or groups of learners with the help of the best corporate training tool. Identify and bridge knowledge gaps. Use insightful reports and improve the course content. Leave no stone unturned to make learning and development more meaningful for your learners.

  • Assess learning progress
  • Identify & bridge knowledge gaps
  • Make learning meaningful

Allow Any time, Anywhere Learning

Learners can pick their own time and place to learn

Corporate Training Tool Make Your Course More Flexible & Easily Accessible

Make online training flexible, manageable, and convenient for everyone with anytime, anywhere learning. Share courses with an employee base that is spread across the world. Allow your learners access to the learning material on a range of devices such as desktops, laptops, iPads, and smartphones using corporate training solutions. When you make the courses easily accessible independent of time and place, learning becomes a rewarding experience.

  • Make corporate training flexible
  • Enable access from any device
  • Train anytime, anywhere


  • Great for companies doing Online exams!
    Painless to execute an exam to several 100 global employees!
    Brenda Kesler
    Brenda Kesler,

    Ph.D. Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Drive up traffic & website engagement
    ProProfs quiz maker is a great way to engage your visitors (most people will take the quiz, thus spend some time on your site and will be more willing to browse it further Quizzes are greatly shared and can be used to drive up traffic.
    Ann Smarty
    Ann Smarty,

    Editor, Search Engine Journal

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  • Create Attractive Corporate Training Courses Quickly and Easily Design & Brand

    Create attractive online courses quickly and easily.

  • Ready to Use Corporate Courses and themes 100+ Courses

    100+ ready-to-use courses and themes.

  • Track Learner with Corporate Learning Platform Learning Management

    Train and track thousands of learners easily.

  • Integrated Quizzes & Surveys in Corporate Training Platform Measure Knowledge

    Integrated quizzes & surveys to assess learning objectives.

  • Integrated Knowledgebase in Corporate Training Tools Share Knowledge

    Distribute knowledge with collaboration and knowledge base tools.

  • Simple & Easy to Use Corporate Training Solutions Simple & Easy

    For all skill levels. No software download or HTML skills needed.

  • Access Corporate Training System Anytime & Anywhere Anytime, Anywhere Access

    View & access training courses on laptops, tablets or smartphones.

  • Sell Corporate Training Courses Sell Courses

    Sell courses and make money using Stripe or ProProfs Gateway.

  • Fully Customized Corporate Training Program 100+ Customizations

    100+ settings for security, access control, branding etc.

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