Founded in 2002, Tenderhearts takes upon itself to provide answers to some of the most pressing questions concerning children. It seeks to provide the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social development of children so that they can become productive members of the society.

That stated purpose of the educational institution is to present to the world an African children who are not in any way physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, ethically, and spiritually disadvantaged relative to their contemporaries in other parts of the world.

The vision of Tenderhearts is to be an ‘African reference institution’.

Towards this end, it creates an exciting learning environment that is safe for young learners. It presents them with the opportunity to learn at their full potential while teaching them the dignity of human existence in a sustainable way.

Tenderhearts School


We're a group of five schools in south-west Nigeria, with a class range from preschool to year 10. We needed a quick way to transition our students into e-learning while also being able to accommodate learners that weren't our students, so we wanted it separate from our school's main domain.

We didn't have the time or resources to build a fully custom platform for our needs, so we started looking around for an LMS that could host us. I don't think we were able to find a platform as easy to set up for us and as easy to use for students as ProProfs, at a reasonable cost, so it seemed like the natural choice.


Proprofs has been amazing because it allowed us to customise so many things, for example taking out the user's ability to change their passwords so they can't access the account once their subscription is up, logos, certificates, etc.

We can upload our own videos, embed other videos, and put up our lesson notes as documents. It makes student evaluations easy because of their built-in quiz maker software. The reports are quite detailed which is great.

Also, if your course graphics are done well, the user dashboard is so pleasing to look at. The design is, in our case, perfectly child-friendly. Everything we could possibly need for now was already thought of and implemented, so a huge well done to the product design team.


Our team is extremely small and we've been able to focus a lot more on producing quality learning resources rather than fiddling around constantly with the backend, which is great. Our parents like the ease of use and so do we. It's a great quality product!

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