What Is Automotive Training?

Automotive training is training administered in the automotive industry, which is one of the world’s largest customer-oriented industries. In this training, employees are trained on skills ranging from automotive engineering & design, development, and manufacturing to marketing, selling, and servicing & repairing.

Automotive training with an LMS can be facilitated online to large groups of learners, whether working at factories or dealerships, and they can learn from anywhere, anytime.

What Is Automotive Training?
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How to Create Automotive Training

The best way to develop automotive training programs is through learning management systems for automotive industry. These solutions act as a reliable platform for the real-time and rapid development of automotive training courses and tests. They support immersive online learning experiences through digital instruction manuals, videos, and other graphics.

For example, with automotive training software, you can create and deliver automobile training on various topics such as soft skills, HR compliance, automobile technology, and engine fundamentals.

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Why Use an LMS for Automotive Training?

Automotive training systems such as an LMS can be the best tool of choice as it gives you the following enablements
Create Online Courses
Create Online Courses

Many LMS providers offer authoring tools to help users easily create professional training courses. In addition, they provide a regularly updated library of expert-designed and ready-to-use courses.

Make Learning Engaging
Make Learning Engaging

With an LMS, it’s easy to add learning paths, quizzes, videos, brain games, and other engaging elements. This keeps learners motivated and ensures a higher course completion rate.

Train Local & Remote Employees
Train Local & Remote Employees

Since learning management systems are web-based, anyone can access it regardless of geographical distance and time-zone differences. So, training learners locally or remotely is frictionless.

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Features & Benefits

Unfold irresistible benefits for the automotive sector training
  • 100+ Premium Ready-to-Use Courses
    Premium Course Library

    Leverage a fast-growing library of 100+ professionally designed, customizable, and ready-to-use courses.

  • Virtual Classroom Software
    Virtual Classroom Software

    Administer online automotive training from one place with a centralized and secure virtual classroom.

  • Quizzes & Surveys
    Quizzes & Surveys

    Add engaging quizzes & surveys to your courses for the purpose of assessment and feedback collection.

  • 100+ Customizations
    100+ Customizations

    Deliver training just the way you want by setting up over 100 LMS customizations and configurations.

  • Collaboration Tool
    Collaboration Tool

    Enable your learners to access peer knowledge and wisdom through a Q&A-based online community.

  • AI-Powered Reporting
    AI-Powered Reporting

    Extract insightful data from AI-powered reports & analytics and make data-driven training decisions.

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How ProProfs Works as an Automotive Training System

ProProfs enables you to take charge of the complete online training lifecycle
Create Online Automotive Training Courses

Create Online Automotive Training Courses

World’s easiest automotive training software for creating online courses & tests

An intuitive authoring tool makes rapid course creation easy. Create online automotive training courses, lessons, and tests from scratch. You can also utilize a fast-growing library of expert-designed premium courses. These courses are customizable and ready-to-use.

  • tick Training tick Easily create courses
  • tick Training tick User-friendly authoring tool
  • tick Training tick 100+ premium ready-to-use courses
  • tick Training tick Customizable & ready to go

Add Engaging Assessment Quizzes

Choose from 100+ quiz templates & over 10 engaging question types

Embed engaging quizzes into your courses and keep learners excited about learning. Use beautifully designed quiz templates and question types. Make learner assessment easy and fun. Motivate your learners to complete courses.

  • tick Training tick Beautiful quiz templates
  • tick Training tick 10+ question types
  • tick Training tick Make learning fun & exciting
  • tick Training tick Assess knowledge retention
Add Engaging Assessment Quizzes
Enable Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Train Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Train your employees whenever you want and wherever they are

ProProfs LMS is cloud-based, which means anyone can access it anytime and from anywhere. Easily train local or remote teams and overcome time zone differences and geographical barriers. Let your learners choose their convenient schedules and self-pace learning.

  • tick Training tick Cloud LMS
  • tick Training tick Anytime, anywhere access
  • tick Training tick Flexible schedules
  • tick Training tick Self-paced learning

Facilitate Discussion & Collaboration

Grow your team’s knowledge through a Q&A-based forum

Promote social learning with a Q&A-based online community. Set up chats and discussions and keep all questions and answers in one place. Provide your learners instant access to peer knowledge and wisdom. Ensure that you don’t lose good answers, even after years.

  • tick Training tick Online Q&A forum
  • tick Training tick Centralized chats & discussions
  • tick Training tick Peer knowledge & wisdom
  • tick Training tick Keep good answers intact
Facilitate Discussion & Collaboration
Get Delightful Reports & Analytics

View Delightful Reports & Analytics

Get clear understanding of learning patterns, difficult areas and more with intelligent learning data

Leverage auto-generated course overview reports & analytics. Check course participation, progress, completion rates, total time taken, and score. Identify problematic areas. Use this information to improve your courses, deliver more amazing learning experiences, and make data-driven training decisions.

  • tick Training tick Detailed reports & analytics
  • tick Training tick View progress & course completion
  • tick Training tick Improve course effectiveness
  • tick Training tick Make data-driven decisions
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Why Choose ProProfs as Your LMS for Automotive Training?

Your online automotive training programs can get substantially better with ProProfs LMS
Easy to Use
Easy to Use

It is undisputedly the world’s easiest cloud LMS. People of all skill levels can use it with ease.

Trusted by Millions
Trusted By Millions

ProProfs registers over 15 million users each month in 150+ countries.

Ease of Customization
Ease of Customization

Tailor your automotive training to meet your specific learning needs with customization and branding.

Supports Different Formats
Supports Different Formats

Let your learners learn in a medium they prefer and that works best for them - docs, podcasts, videos, infographics, or PPTs.

70+ languages
70+ Languages

ProProfs supports more than 70 interface languages, allowing learners to choose a language of their choice.

Delightful Reports & Analytics
Delightful Reports & Analytics

Smart reporting feature gives you detailed data on participation, learning progress, completion rates & more.

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100+ Ready-to-Use Premium Courses

Get your automotive training up and running in no time with our courses

Accelerate employee training with our ready-to-use online courses designed by industry experts. You can use these resources as they are or edit them to suit your company’s requirements. Not only that, if you want, you can create courses from scratch by using the built-in and intuitive authoring tool.

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Beautifully Crafted Course Templates

Choose from 100+ professionally designed, editable default templates

Our default templates are developed based on the latest trends in typography and aesthetic design. You can easily customize them with your existing content, designs, and company policies. You can change the layout of a template and add your logo, colors, theme, fonts, and branding so that it displays the design and information you want.

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Designed to Deliver All Types of Training

ProProfs LMS is engineered to seamlessly administer every corporate training type
Employee Onboarding Software
Employee Onboarding

Make the first impression of your new hires a memorable one. Easily welcome them aboard and put them in a productive mode from day one.

Sales Training Software
Sales Training

Improved your salesforce’s performance, achieve more sales, and earn business profits through successful sales training programs.

Channel Partner Training
Channel Partner Training

Build strong business relationships with your channel partners through a well-planned and executed training strategy.

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Integrate ProProfs LMS With Your Favorite Tools

Level up the value of the LMS by connecting it with a number of other helpful tools, including emailing marketing platforms, CRMs, and CMSs. Access the tools from within ProProfs without ever having to switch between them.

  • tick Training tick MailChimp
  • tick Training tick Salesforce
  • tick Training tick Campaign Monitor
  • tick Training tick BambooHR
  • tick Training tick Zoom
  • tick Training tick Highrise
  • tick Training tick TribeHR
  • tick Training tick SugarCRM
Integrate ProProfs LMS With Your Favorite Tools
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FAQs About LMS for Automotive Industry

What Does Automotive Training Include?

A standard automotive training program covers both theory classes and hands-on training. Common automotive-focussed training topics include automotive engineering, automotive electronics, automotive functional safety, automotive sale training, automotive marketing, automotive dealership management, and auto repair. Which of these training programs you deliver depends on the job roles of your employees.

What Are the Benefits of Automotive Training?

The automotive industry is one of the most standardized and regulated sectors. It is subjected to a series of quality management and safety requirements. Moreover, the skills required in automotive jobs are highly technical and advanced. A program in automotive such as automotive technician training can train your employees on all the nuances of the trade and build competency. So, whether it’s an auto mechanic, sales executive, or automotive instructor, formal training provides up-to-date knowledge and skills and helps learners excel in their roles.

How to Build a Successful Automotive Training Program

If you’re like most first-timers at managing employee training, you must be wondering how to set it up for success.For an automotive training program to be successful, it should be developed around your learners’ needs, it should be engaging, relevant, flexible, and aligned with your business goals. Also, you should use tools to track learning progress, check retention, and identify gaps. Only then you’ll know if your learners are making headway as they should and how they find your course.

Which Is the Best LMS for Automotive Training?

One of the best things about an LMS is that most of them are designed to conduct any type of corporate training in any industry. So, many of the top ones currently on the market are suitable for automotive training. But to give you an example, ProProfs LMS is an incredibly user-friendly, customizable, and versatile tool that fits the bill. It can help you simplify, standardize, and accelerate automotive training. The powerfully simple LMS along with its specialized training courses designed by industry experts can help you achieve a short time to value as far as your automotive training is concerned.

How to Choose the Best LMS for Automotive Training

To land an LMS that is the right fit for you, you need to do some homework. Start off by identifying the learning needs of your audience, including their preferred learning styles. Based on that, make a list of features that you want to see in the LMS. Make sure you include ease of use, mobile-friendliness, customization, and course library in your must-have features. Find and compare a couple of the tools in the market that you think can fulfill your requirements. After that, you can shortlist a few of them to make the selection easier. Check customer reviews and ratings to gain first-hand information. Know the pricing plans to see if they suit your budget. Once they are good, ask for a demo or free trial to make up your mind.

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