Email Etiquette Training Course

Understand the key elements of crafting professional and impactful emails

Emails are still the primary mode of professional communication across organizations despite there being a dozen other methods. But not everyone is well-versed in it. This is where email etiquette matters. Learn what email etiquette looks like, its benefits, and the best practices in email communication through this online training course. Master the art of composing, sending, and replying to emails in a professional and impactful manner. Influence how you are perceived by your colleagues, clients, and partners through extraordinary emailing skills.

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What's Covered in This Course?

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Course Outline

Email Etiquette Training Course
1.   Course Overview
  • Course Overview
2.   Introduction to Email Etiquette
  • Introduction to Email Etiquette
3.   Understanding Email Etiquette
  • What Email Etiquette Looks Like
4.   Benefits of Email Etiquette
  • The Benefits of Embracing Email Etiquette
5.   Best Practices in Emailing
  • 4 Best Practices for Optimal Email Communication
  • HANDOUT: Email Templates for Regular Use
  • Knowledge Check
6.   Conclusion
  • Final Assessment
7.   Resources
  • Course Handouts
  • Course Feedback
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