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12 Best Trainual Competitors & Alternatives 2024

12 Best Trainual Competitors & Alternatives (2024)

Choosing the ideal training software is vital for any organization as it can directly impact efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Trainual is a cloud learning management system (LMS) that automates onboarding, SOPs and process documentation, and regular training.

If you’ve been using this platform and you’re looking to switch it, there are many Trainual competitors on the market.

This post is for those who are curious to find out what other options exist beyond Trainual.

Keep reading to find out.

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List of Trainual Alternatives

In coming up with this tool list, I relied on my own experience, recommendations by industry peers, reviews in top software comparison sites, as well as client testimonials.

Compare the features, pros and cons, and pricing of these tools with Trainual pricing, features, and pros and cons, and make a conscious choice.

1. ProProfs Training Maker – Best for Corporate Training & Education

Personally, I find ProProfs Training Maker to be an excellent tool for both corporate training and academic learning purposes.

As a user who knows the platform intimately, I can vouch for its user-centric and flexible nature.

The enterprise-grade LMS makes it easy to create engaging and interactive online courses for corporate training programs. For this, you can rely on its library of ready-to-use courses or else, you can upload existing materials and create your own training resources.

The software application comes with a knowledge base, which can host all standard operating procedures, documentation, and wikis. The knowledge base is a dedicated product and it integrates with a virtual classroom.

As a suite of products, ProProf Training Maker can do training, assessment, and knowledge management.

The tool supports quizzes, surveys, flashcards, videos, presentations, and assessments.

A centralized and secure virtual classroom, a Q&A forum for collaborative social learning, personalized learning pathways, mobile learning, SCORM & Tin Can compliance, single sign-on (SSO), and integrations with CRM, CMS, and email marketing tools are other offerings.

ProProfs Training Maker also supports multiple languages, multiple instructors, reports, and certification.

All these compelling features make it a worthy alternative to Trainual.

What you’ll like:

  • It’s incredibly easy to use regardless of the level of technical knowledge
  • Tons of professionally designed courses and templates on popular topics
  • Individual & group reports to monitor progress and performance in real time
  • Round-the-clock real human support through chat, phone, and email

What you may not like:

  • The free version is for only up to 10 learners and it is exclusive of the premium courses
  • The tool operates in the cloud, so those who want an on-premise setup may find it less appealing


Forever free for up to 10 learners. Paid plans start at $1.97 /learner/month for larger teams. Unlimited courses, unlimited admins/instructors, and unlimited storage. 15-day money-back guarantee.

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2. eFront – Best for Enterprises, Training Organizations & Government


The next Trainual alternative you can consider is eFront. I’ve not used it personally but from substantiated sources, it is a resilient and secure platform.

This LMS is designed for the most demanding and complex learning ecosystems.

Being a versatile solution, it can be tailored to meet the unique needs of enterprises, training organizations, and government departments.

In the corporate world, eFront goes beyond course management; it fosters a culture of continuous learning. It empowers employees to grow, contributing to business success.

For training organizations, eFront is a growth partner. It equips trainers with cutting-edge tools for engaging learning experiences, attracting learners and ensuring knowledge retention.

In the public sector, the LMS efficiently bridges knowledge gaps. It streamlines training programs, equipping public servants with the skills needed for better public service.

In sum, I’d say eFront is not about conformity; it’s about transformation. It’s designed for those who aspire to transcend the ordinary and unlock a future without bounds on knowledge.

What you’ll like:

  • Its resilience, which enables it to handle complicated learning ecosystems
  • The ability to build a training platform that aligns perfectly with your organization’s needs
  • The LMS is simple, usable, and fit-to-purpose
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified and GDPR compliance

What you may not like:

  • Migrating data from another LMS to eFront may be challenging
  • Some features of the LMS are not documented in the knowledgebase or the information is not updated


$1,200/month. Billed annually. Supports up to 1,000 registered users.

3. Seismic Learning (formerly Lessonly) – Best for Corporate Training & Coaching

Seismic Learning formerly Lessonly

I have used Seismic Learning, formerly known as Lessonly, on two occasions. Despite the name change, the product remains outstanding.

Let me explain what makes it a solid Trainual competitor.

Seismic Learning is an excellent platform for corporate training and coaching, and it’s known for its user-friendliness and reliability. It allows users to create customized eLearning content for specific departments or teams within an organization.

This platform takes a comprehensive approach to learning and development, unlocking the full potential of teams to help achieve business objectives.

Seismic Learning is particularly beneficial for teams that have regular client interaction, such as sales and customer service.

By utilizing Seismic Learning, users can train their frontline teams 62% faster and significantly enhance readiness through real-life practice scenarios and comprehensive skill assessments. Additionally, the platform offers personalized coaching at scale, resulting in a 76% increase in closed-won deals.

What you’ll like:

  • The layout and functionalities are easily familiarized
  • Its training and coaching software speeds up the time to productivity
  • The content creation tools are user-friendly. You can easily develop and update training, quizzes & assessments
  • The LMS can be a long-term solution as it expands with any growing organization

What you may not like:

  • Revisiting old lessons is impossible as there’s no filter for the lesson history
  • Limited options of the text size and colors used in the platform


The vendor hasn’t provided any pricing information.

4. Tovuti – Best for Small to Large Businesses, Associations & Non-Profits


If you are a small business owner, association, or non-profit advocate, Tovuti can be the ideal alternative to Trainual.

Tovuti is recognized as one of the top LMS options available. Small businesses find it useful for training employees on new products or procedures, as well as for continuing education purposes.

Large enterprises also rely on Tovuti to provide training to employees, customers, and partners worldwide.

Similarly, associations and non-profit organizations utilize Tovuti in various ways to enhance their operations and achieve their goals. This includes member training and education, volunteer onboarding and training, fundraising and donor engagement, and certification programs.

Tovuti offers a fast and user-friendly solution to activate your organization’s potential through online learning. It is trusted by over half a million learners globally and has earned multiple awards for its innovative and exceptional qualities.

What you’ll like:

  • It’s versatile and the tool can help you improve the learning capacity of your organization
  • Fully customizable and powerful digital course creation tool
  • The tool is straightforward and this makes training go smoothly and rapidly
  • For companies with a global presence, the multilingual support is a boon

What you may not like:

  • The customer service is rocky at times
  • The pricing is a bit expensive compared to other similar LMS options


Starts at $199/month. 1 custom brand and unlimited courses.

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5. iSpring Learn – Best for Fast and Easy Learning

iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is a highly regarded provider of top-notch online training solutions. It offers several options for various industries and situations.

Its expertise in the eLearning field is validated by its extensive 20-year history, and you shouldn’t be wary of making it a Trainual replacement.

After careful consideration, I decided to include iSpring Learn in my list of tools. Here is what I discovered about the platform.

The intuitive interface and sought-after features of the LMS facilitate quick and effortless training delivery. Even without prior experience with LMS systems, you can easily and swiftly get started.

iSpring Learn seamlessly integrates with its companion tool, iSpring Suite, an eLearning authoring toolkit. This integration facilitates the smooth development of interactive eLearning content.

The feature-rich LMS supports a variety of content formats, quizzes, and surveys, thereby enhancing learner engagement.

Prominent features like responsive design, simplified course management, gamification, and one-click publishing make iSpring Learn an LMS worth considering.

What you’ll like:

  • Users appreciate the user-friendly design that acts as a springboard for getting started quickly
  • The content authoring tools are flexible and easy to use
  • A variety of pricing plans to fit different training budgets
  • Robust security measures provide a secure learning environment

What you may not like:

  • There’s only a handful of built-in integrations with popular third-party apps
  • If you want to monetize your courses, you will find the LMS’ eCommerce capabilities somewhat basic


Starts at $2.29/user/month. Billed annually. Suitable for launching online training in record time.

6. D2L Brightspace – Best for Personalized & Adaptive Learning

D2L Brightspace

This tool was recommended by a colleague who works in the learning & training industry like me.

Let me restate some of the great reasons my colleague gave me as to why it makes an amazing contender as a Trainual competitor.

D2L Brightspace is a pioneering learning innovation platform, primarily honing in on educators and trainers. Its central aim revolves around crafting uniquely personalized and adaptable learning journeys at scale.

This dynamic tool empowers learners to grasp knowledge at their own rhythm, personal style, and mastery level. Additionally, it equips educators with the means to forge captivating and individualized learning adventures, tailored to the wide-ranging needs and inclinations of their learners.

Competency-based learning and seamless integrations with adaptive learning tools are other highlights of the tool.

What you’ll like:

  • An intuitive and mobile-friendly interface for smooth onboarding and a minimized learning curve
  • It uses the latest security technologies like encryption and 2-factor authentication, to protect user data
  • A large community of developers and users for ongoing support and assistance
  • Several add-on packages to further expand the LMS’ capability like Brightspace Core, Brightspace Performance Plus, and Brightspace Engagement Plus

What you may not like:

  • At times, the language translation does not take place correctly
  • Since the courses are presented the same for instructors and learners, instructors have to use the ‘student view’ to see courses


The vendor hasn’t publicly shared its pricing plans.

7. EasyLlama – Best for Corporate Compliance


EasyLlama imagined workplace training and it is well-known for its compliance training solutions. This drew me toward the tool and it was among the first tools with which I experimented.

It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help businesses ensure that their employees are well-versed in various compliance topics. In fact, EasyLlama shakes up the status quo with training courses inspired by the content-consumption habits of modern learners.

Its best-in-class, interactive, and engaging courses are customized to each industry, making them relevant to employees and promoting a positive culture, free from harassment and discrimination.

The training modules provided by EasyLlama are meticulously designed and updated to ensure they align with the latest regulations and industry best practices.

EasyLlama also offers customization options, allowing organizations to tailor the training content to their specific industry or internal policies.

What you’ll like:

  • Great range of applicable training programs, including mandatory compliance training and training for personal and professional development
  • The exercises and examples in the courses are relevant to the current workforce
  • The LMS sends training reminders and sends a weekly report to instructors about what is happening with their employees
  • It’s so easy that even if you have a short window to switch from your existing vendor to EasyLlama, the latter will make the transition smooth from start to finish

What you may not like:

  • They don’t always communicate to administrators updates to the platform
  • The tool should add more options for colors and themes so that users have more available to them


Starts at $19.95 per training. No setup fees. Automated email reminders & custom training frequency.

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8. Absorb LMS – Best for Intuitive & Engaging Learning Experiences

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is one of the most widely used learning management systems and a popular name in the online training circle.

Users across industries have praised it time and again terming it the best intuitive and engaging learning platform.

Let’s elaborate on this to see why it is one of the must-have Trainual alternatives.

One of the strengths of Absorb LMS is its exceptional user-friendly interface. This not only facilitates effortless navigation for administrators but also ensures a seamless learning experience for learners, promoting engagement and participation.

The LMS has been designed with the learners’ interests in mind, aiming to enhance their overall learning experience.

A vast library of content in diverse formats, customizable branding options, and mobile compatibility characterize the platform.

Absorb LMS is not limited to a specific customer type. It caters to both corporations seeking comprehensive training solutions and educational institutions looking to enhance their remote learning capabilities.

It is widely adopted across industries, from healthcare to technology, thanks to its adaptability and continuous learning opportunities.

What you’ll like:

  • It’s easy to use. Users often praise how easy it is to interact with the LMS and utilize it
  • Mobile responsive. Users can access courses from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Absorb LMS is fully customizable with branding and unique learning experiences
  • Robust reporting and analytics for valuable insights into course effectiveness and learner performance

What you may not like:

  • The pricing may discourage some users from adopting the platform as it is on the higher end of the price spectrum
  • Since the LMS is basically designed for larger enterprises, it can be overly complex for smaller teams or organizations


$14,500 annually. Flexible pricing elegantly aligned to your needs and goals.

9. 360Learning – Best for User-Generated Content & Peer-to-Peer Feedback


The next tool that emerges as a suitable Trainual competitor is 360Learning. It offers more than just a platform; it provides a dynamic ecosystem where learners play an active role in shaping their educational journey.

This solution places a strong emphasis on user-generated content and peer-to-peer interaction, empowering learners to become active creators and collaborators in their learning process.

Imagine a learning environment where learners aren’t passive consumers of information but active contributors to knowledge.

With 360Learning, users have the seamless ability to create and share a variety of content, including videos, articles, presentations, and quizzes. This approach fosters a profound sense of ownership and engagement among learners.

Collaboration, questions, and feedback are encouraged, enriching the overall learning experience. This platform thrives on a supportive learner community that inspires and assists each other, making it a truly interactive and collaborative learning space.

What you’ll like:

  • A culture of collaborative learning where learners are teachers and vice versa
  • 360Learning courses have a 91% completion rate on average, and learners complete an average of 11 activities a day
  • The LMS is effective in tackling any new learning challenge as it arises
  • It continuously ranks in top positions in review sites such as Capterra and G2

What you may not like:

  • While the platform is excellent for creating basic content, you’d require external tools to develop advanced content
  • The reporting lacks customization in terms of viewing a user’s stats on the dashboard


$8/registered user/month. Up to 100 users a month and access to the best-in-class resources and support.

10. Cornerstone LMS – Best for Large Enterprises, Healthcare, Retail & Manufacturing


Cornerstone LMS was the last tool I sat for a live demo and I was impressed with it.

Despite differences between it and Trainual at some level, they share some similarities, and it makes Cornerstone LMS one of the top Trainual alternatives.

Cornerstone LMS is a versatile and powerful learning management system that caters to assorted industries, such as large enterprises, healthcare institutions, retail businesses, and manufacturing companies.

For large enterprises, the solution is capable of accommodating complex training requirements and handling a large number of learners. You can use it to deliver compliance, safety, and new product training to a vast number of employees simultaneously.

In the realm of healthcare, Cornerstone Learning proves to be an invaluable tool for training staff on intricate medical procedures, patient safety protocols, and new technologies. These organizations can easily monitor learner progress and ensure compliance with competency requirements.

Retail organizations can also capitalize on the benefits of Cornerstone Learning by using it to train their employees on product knowledge, customer service skills, and effective sales techniques. The system allows for the rapid deployment of training modules, thereby keeping learners engaged and ultimately ensuring customer satisfaction.

In the manufacturing sector, Cornerstone Learning makes a useful resource for training employees on safety procedures, quality control standards, and the implementation of new manufacturing processes. The system even provides features that facilitate realistic work environment simulations, allowing for hands-on training experiences.

What you’ll like:

  • Amazing level of customization for admins in the portal. They can create just about anything they want
  • The LMS provides clients with the functionality they need to perform different tasks at maximum potential
  • Excellent reporting. Users can extract a phenomenal amount of quality data
  • The LMS always considers customers’ feedback in providing quarterly updates to the software

What you may not like:

  • Currently, there are no automation features that could have helped streamline mundane and repetitive admin tasks
  • The groups functionality badly requires an update but there have been no enhancements added to it so far


Starts at $6/user/month. No credit card is required.

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11. Trakstar Learn – Best for Enterprises, Healthcare & Governments

Trakstar Learn

Up next is Trakstar Learn.

I featured it on this list based on my fair knowledge of the tool.

The LMS is well-suited for a variety of applications.

It offers a robust set of enterprise-level features, streamlining workforce training and development. The platform provides centralized access to customizable employee training materials, including videos, documents, and interactive content.

Trakstar Learn excels in addressing the specific challenges of the healthcare sector too. It provides an efficient way to distribute essential training materials to healthcare professionals, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations like HIPAA. It supports the delivery of mandatory training modules on topics such as patient privacy and clinical best practices.

Government agencies also benefit significantly from Trakstar Learn, which provides a secure and compliant learning environment. This LMS empowers public organizations to deliver mandatory training on topics like ethics, cybersecurity, and code of conduct. It ensures government employees stay current with the latest regulations and policies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

What you’ll like:

  • The LMS enables users to take a set-it-and-forget-it approach to recurring training
  • You can import training packs in different formats for engaging experiences
  • Structuring the elements of a training program like modules, courses, and user management, is easy
  • Adding subgroups and classifying learners based on needs is easily done with user field customization

What you may not like:

  • Sending automatic deadline reminders to learners doesn’t always work as expected
  • The frontend needs a facelift as it currently lacks substance


$249/month (there’s no setup fee). A free trial is also available.

12. Moodle LMS – Best for K-12, Higher Education, Workplace Learning & Non-Profits

Moodle LMS

I think it would be an injustice to not add a Trainual free alternative among these tools with varying price ranges.

This leads me to Moodle.

When considering free and open-source learning management systems, one platform that comes to most people’s minds is Moodle LMS.

Moodle LMS offers exceptional flexibility for customization, allowing users to tailor the entire learning experience to their specific needs.

My trial demonstrated that this platform empowers users to create engaging courses with multimedia components, interactive assessments, and discussions.

Users have complete creative control and can easily customize the platform to align with their organization’s branding and incorporate additional features.

The adaptability of Moodle LMS is further enhanced through third-party plugins, making it an excellent option for virtually anyone – K-12, higher education, workplace learning, and non-profit organizations.

With its capacity for seamless extension, Moodle allows users to create a dynamic learning environment without the limitations of rigid templates. This makes it an ideal choice for organizations seeking to deliver highly personalized and distinctive learning experiences.

What you’ll like:

  • It is completely free to use and modify as you want it
  • A large, active community of users and developers drives the platform with continuous support
  • Ample features such as discussion forums, wikis, and group projects to support collaborative learning
  • Gamified courses through plugins and modules to make learning more engaging and fun

What you may not like:

  • There may be performance issues, especially when a large number of users access the system simultaneously
  • Moodle is known to have security vulnerabilities in the past


Free. No direct technical support is available.

Which Is the Best Trainual Alternative?

I understand that selecting the right software tool from a long list of options like this can be challenging. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the abundance of choices and comparing the features, pricing, and user reviews can be daunting.

But my objective is to assist you in your decision-making the best way I can.

So, to make it easier for you, I’ve further narrowed down the above choice to three.

Option A: ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Training Maker is an excellent choice for both corporate training and academic learning. It’s delightfully easy, configurable, flexible, and attended by awesome support. Creating multimedia-rich online courses becomes easy with ready resources and an authoring tool. Plus, there is room for social learning, mobile learning, seamless integrations, and more. The LMS is highly secure and accessible by anyone, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Option B: EasyLlama

Next, I’d recommend EasyLlama for its specialization in compliance training. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help businesses keep pace with changing compliance matters. The courses are best-in-class, interactive, and tailored to each industry.

They have been meticulously designed and updated regularly to ensure they align with the latest regulations and industry best practices.

Option C: Moodle

The third option is Moodle LMS because its free and open-source nature serves two purposes. Users who are looking to deliver highly customized or personalized training experiences can modify its source code and tailor the tool to meet their specific needs. In other words, they get complete control over the platform. Similarly, since it is free of cost, it perfectly suits users with budgetary constraints who can’t afford the more premium tools.

Whichever LMS software you choose from among these, it should be based on a careful analysis of the pros and cons, pricing, and features on offer. To land the best one, first evaluate your target audience, their learning needs, and your training budget. Make sure the tool you choose is easy to use, customizable, and comes with ready resources. Also, consider a solution that can help you in the long term.

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About the author

Kamy Anderson is an online training expert and a product manager. He leads the product vision and strategy of ProProfs Training Maker. Kamy blogs about trends in eLearning, online training, employee training, gamification, LMS, AI, and more. His articles are published in eLearningIndustry, TrainingMag, Training Zone, and Learning Solutions Magazine. You can connect with Kamy on LinkedIn.