Making a Job Offer

Learn the art of making a job offer that candidates can't resist

This course gives an overview of how to make a written job offer to newly hired employees. Among other topics, you will get to learn the basics of job offer, the importance of using a job offer letter template in an orgnization, the legal aspects of a job offer, and people who are responsible for a job offer.

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Course Outline

Training Course On Making a Job Offer covers the following:
1.   Training Objectives
  • Training Objectives
2.   Job Offer Basics
  • Your Hiring Process and the Job Offer
  • Verbal Job Offer
  • Written Job Offer
  • The Dreaded "Counter Offer"
  • Job Offer is Not . . .
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Chapter Feedback
3.   Digging Deeper: The Written Job Offer
  • What to Include in a Written Job Offer
  • Legal Consideration of A Job Offer
  • Closing the Loop
4.   Creating a Job Offer Letter for Your Organization
  • Who is Responsible for Creating the Job Offer Letter?
  • Job Offer Letter Template
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Chapter Feedback
5.   Technology and Job Offers
  • Technology and Job Offers
6.   Summary
  • Course Feedback
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