Closing Sales Training Course

Close more sales using proven sales techniques

This training course on closing sales focuses on closing sales through effective techniques. It is designed to help sales professionals improve their sales numbers over time. Learn about soft-closing, sales follow-up, and handling sales rejections. The course also includes handouts, scenarios, and assessments. This information is also available within a larger course: Introduction to Sales Training Course.

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What's Covered in This Course?

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Course Outline

Closing Sales Training Course
1.   Course Overview
  • Course Overview
2.   Closing Sales
  • Traditional Closing Techniques
  • Soft-Closing Techniques
  • Follow-up Techniques
  • Handout: Sales Follow-up Techniques
  • Handout: Sample Follow Up Emails
  • Handling Rejection
  • Handout: Tips to Deal with Rejection
  • Scenario
3.   Conclusion
  • Course Handouts
  • Assessment
  • Course Feedback
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Getting Sales Leads

No matter how excellent or revolutionary your product is, you have to be a great salesperson to succeed. To be a great salesperson, you have to generate more leads because generating more leads will help you find the right clients for your business.

Making a Sales Pitch

Creating a sales pitch that appeals to your audience requires more than just some time in the break room scratching out ideas. The more effort you put into creating a strong pitch, the better your results will be.

Handling Sales Objections

To be a successful salesperson, you must learn how to both discover and handle sales objections. When objections arise, it isn't the time to give up — it's time to reemphasize your product's value and succeed.

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