Balanced Scorecard Training Course

Manage your business performance better with balanced scorecard training

Train business leaders and managers on how to measure employee performance against business goals. Provide them the necessary knowledge and skills for strategic business planning and management. Align business activities with the mission statement of your organization. This course is designed for managers and supervisors who are in charge of performance management.

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What's Covered in This Course?

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Course Outline

This Balanced Scorecard Training Course covers the following:
1.   Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents
2.   Course Objectives
  • Course Objectives
3.   Introduction
  • What Is A Balanced Scorecard?
  • Goals of the BSC
  • The BSC Approach to Employee Performance Management
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Chapter Feedback
4.   Creating a BSC
  • How Is the BSC Created?
  • 1. The Financial Perspective
  • 2. The Business Process Perspective
  • 3. The Customer Perspective
  • 4. The Learning and Growth Perspective
  • Strategy Planning With BSC
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Chapter Feedback
5.   Usage of BSC
  • Who Uses the Balanced Scorecard?
  • Why Use the BSC?
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Chapter Feedback
6.   Implementation and Examples
  • Implementing the BSC at the Employee Level
  • Performance Management Using the BSC
  • Example of Employee Scorecard
  • Example of Group Scorecard
  • Employee and Team Performance
  • Management Skills
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Chapter Feedback
7.   Continual Improvement
  • The BSC Approach Requires Continuous Evaluation
8.   Conclusion
  • Course Feedback
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