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21 Best Employee Engagement Software for Increased Retention

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Are you struggling to keep your employees engaged in the workplace? If yes, chances are you’re not leveraging modern technologies such as employee engagement software for the best results. 

Employee engagement tools provide high-end features, such as gamification, surveys, collaboration, mobile learning, and interactive quizzes to create a culture of engagement. But, the outcome will depend on the kind of software you’ve chosen. 

Therefore, choosing the right tool is important. 

So, how can you do that?

We will tell you. 

Read this article to find out the top 21 employee engagement tools, along with their features, pricing, and pros and cons. Pick the best tool for your business to uncover the best employee experiences, have meaningful conversations, track goals, give and receive feedback, and provide rewards for their achievements. 

A Quick Feature & Price Comparison Table of the Top 21 Employee Engagement Software 

Best Employee Engagement Software for Training Why Is It Best? Pricing
ProProfs Training Maker Editable & Ready-to-Use Courses



Mobile Learning

Personalized Learning Paths


Forever free for up to 10 learners.Paid plan starts at $1.97/active learner/month for large teams. Billed annually.
EdApp Course Library



Social Learning

Starts from $0 / user/ month, billed annually
Learn Amp Build Courses

Learning Paths

Personalized Recommendations

Q&A Discussion

Get in touch with the company for a quote
Trackstar Learn Online Course Creation

Anytime, Anywhere

Quizzes and Assessments


Get in touch with the company for a quote

Best Engagement Software for Recognition Why Is It Best? Pricing
Reward Gateway Rewards and recognition

Reward redemptions

Custom rewards

Build connections with mobile app

Get in touch with the company for a quote
Kazoo Conversations




Get in touch with the company for a quote
Kudos Peer to peer Recognition


Powerful Integration

Executive Reports

Get in touch with the company for a quote
Nectar Recognition




Starts from $2.75/user/ month, billed annually

Employee Engagement Software for Team Building Why Is It Best? Pricing
ProProfs Quiz Maker Fun Quizzes

Teach Team Building Skills

Learner Collaboration

Zoom Quizzes

Starts from $0,
Forever free plan
QuizBreaker Icebreaker Quizzes

Gamified Quizzes

Comment Threads and Emojis


Starts from $2/user/month, billed annually
The Go Game Remote Team-Building Games

Hybrid Events

Scavenger Hunt Games

Holiday Party Games

Get in touch with the company for a quote

Employee Engagement Software for Collaboration Why Is It Best? Pricing
ProProfs Collaborate Initiate Discussions

Group Creation

Facilitate Knowledge Exchange

Collaborate Anytime Anywhere

Starts from $1.97/learner/month, billed annually
Zoom Virtual Meetings

Team Chat

Digital Whiteboard

Phone System

Starts from $0
Slack Channels

Huddles and Clips



Starts from $0/month

Employee Engagement Software for Feedback Why Is It Best? Pricing
ProProfs Survey Maker Professionally Designed Templates

Reporting Dashboard

20+ Question Types

Solid Integrations

Starts from $0.05/month, billed annually
TinyPulse Pre-Built Surveys

Pulse Surveys

Actionable Recommendations

Anonymous Responses

Get in touch with the company for a quote
Officevibe Automated Pulse Surveys

Custom Employee Surveys

Anonymous Feedback


Get in touch with the company for a quote

Best Project Management Software Why Is It Best? Pricing
ProProfs Project Shared Calendar

Gantt Chart Makers

Delightful Reports

Effective Collaboration

Starts from $2/user/month, billed annually
Asana Project Views

Kanban Board View

Set Due Date and Reminders

Share Project Briefs

Starts from $0
Trello Preset Templates

Trello Views

Multiple Boards

Butler Feature

Starts from $0
Monday.com Gantt Charts

Project Dashboards

Workload Views

Customized Project Templates

Starts from $8 /user /month, billed annually

Let’s now discuss each tool in detail by exploring their features, pricing, and pros and cons. Go through them carefully before you make a choice. 

21 Best Software for Employee Engagement 

In this section, we will give detailed information about the best software to help you keep up with the engagement quotient in your organization. 

Engagement Software for Training 

Employee engagement software for training is an application program that organizations use to train employees in an engaging manner and create a workplace culture that boosts employee performance and business growth. 

We have handpicked the top 4 employee engagement software platforms for training purposes. 

1. ProProfs Training Maker 

Online Employee training software

ProProfs Training Maker is a versatile software solution for training employees across various industries, such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and government & non-profit organizations. This globally trusted employee engagement software comes with excellent features, such as authoring tools, quizzes and assessments, surveys, brain games, collaboration tools, and more to help employees learn and stay engaged! 

It supports English, Spanish, and 70+ other interface languages, making it easy for learners to learn in their native language. It offers a host of readymade resources, including media, templates, questions and more that make course creation a breeze. Undoubtedly, these specialities make it one of the best employee engagement software available in the market. 

  • Editable & ready-to-use courses & templates that make course creation a breeze and let you devote more time to achieving learning objectives. 
  • Professionally designed quizzes to assess knowledge retention, prevent skipping questions, and get video responses. 
  • Gamification to foster healthy competition and encourage social interaction and teamwork.
  • Mobile learning to provide course accessibility on the go 24/7 and enable learning anytime, anywhere.
  • Personalized learning paths cater to individual learning needs based on their knowledge gaps and skill levels.
  • Provide certificates to learners on completion of courses or assessments to keep them motivated and remain audit-ready. 
  • Course library
  • User-centric 
  • Intuitive interface 

Forever free plan (up to 10 learners). Paid plan starts at $1.97/learner/month (billed annually) for large teams. No hidden charges. 15-day money-back guarantee.

2. EdApp 


EdApp is an award-winning mobile Learning Management System (LMS) used for training small and large teams across every industry. The course authoring tool helps create engaging microlearning courses and enables learners to take courses on any device. This makes training fun and engaging. 

The gamification features encourage healthy competition among learners and motivate them to complete their training. With its powerful built-in AI translation, you can also translate your content into 100+ languages. 

  • Ready-to-use courses to create training courses in a few minutes. Choose from various templates and add engaging elements, such as images, videos, and quizzes to deliver high-quality training.
  • Microlearning enables learners to retain knowledge in bite-size chunks, making learning easy and digestible. 
  • Gamify your training to keep your learners engaged. Provide real rewards and certificates to those who complete your training program. 
  • Encourage social learning through group assignments and discussions for best learning outcomes. 
  • Blended learning 
  • Powerful integrations
  • Mobile friendly 

Starts from $0 / user/ month, billed annually 

3. LearnAmp 

Learn Amp

LearnAmp is one of the best employee engagement software for knowledge-intensive and forward-thinking businesses. The software combines the best Learning Experience Platform (LXP), LMS, and engagement tools to increase productivity and retention and drive engagement. 

LearnAmp ensures a great onboarding experience for new hires and provides features, such as a course library and assessments to upskill learners and drive their career development. It supports collaborative learning and promotes employee engagement. 

  • Build courses using professionally designed templates. Drag and drop files and upload your content in seconds. 
  • Create learning paths and let your learners proceed according to a need-based and well-defined route. Combine your courses for a greater impact. 
  • Personalized recommendations to learners based on their previous learning preferences.
  • Facilitate collaboration between learners through private messaging and Q&A and build an online learning community. 
  • Intuitive platform 
  • Ease of use 
  • Great for maintaining training records 

Get in touch with the company for a quote. 

4. Trakstar Learn 

Trakstar Learn

Trackstar Learn is a modern LMS you can use to upskill and train employees through online courses and digital learning. An intuitive interface, engaging quizzes, and reliable reporting systems make it one of the most robust employee engagement platforms

Auto-enroll your learners in courses and say goodbye to the hassles of manually enrolling them. The LMS supports training in hybrid environments and online and offline modes so that learners get the most out of their training sessions. 

  • Create and upload engaging multimedia courses and deliver a high-quality training experience to your learners. 
  • Anytime, anywhere learning – thanks to Trakstar’s mobile LMS for enabling a streamlined learning experience across mobile devices. 
  • Quickly create and share engaging quizzes and assessments before, during, and after training to assess learning outcomes.
  • Use the powerful white-labeling features to ensure your content aligns with your brand values. Choose a custom domain and use preset color templates! 
  • Easy course creation 
  • Variety of quiz formats
  • Real-time reporting 

Get in touch with the company for a quote. 

Best Engagement Software for Recognition

Employee engagement recognition software is a browser-based application that enables organizations to recognize and reward employees for their outstanding contributions and exemplary performance. Some of the best tools in this category are: 

5. Reward Gateway 

Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway is reliable employee recognition software that combines recognition and rewards in one unified platform. The software lets you create a comprehensive range of reward programs to celebrate all achievements and excellent performances. 

As far as rewards are concerned, this software has various redemption options through Amazon partnerships. Social recognition, manager-to-peer recognition, discount vouchers, and cashback offers are some exciting features in this platform that let you create a culture of recognition. 

  • Rewards and recognition to appreciate your employee’s efforts and performance. Design personalized e-cards, awards, special greetings, and more. 
  • Deliver an exciting redemption experience through e-gift cards, reward passes, charitable giving, etc., to create impactful reward moments. 
  • Create custom rewards for an engaging experience. Offer rewards like a lunch with the CEO or the best parking lot. 
  • Build strong connections with the mobile engagement app and make your workforce feel connected. The mobile app helps deliver real-time news and send instant rewards online. 
  • Engaging and easy-to-use platform 
  • Employee wellbeing programs 
  • Unbeatable discount programs 

Get in touch with the company for a quote

6. Kazoo 


Kazoo employee engagement software offers a powerful solution to create a continuous recognition culture and everything else you need to keep your workforce connected. This software combines Goals and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Conversations, Recognitions, Surveys, and Incentives within a single platform to create a high-performing culture. 

Kazoo’s reward module, i.e., the global rewards engine, is one of the main USPs of this platform. Employees can redeem their points for gift cards, experiences, and products. Managers can create personalized rewards for employees. In fact, Kazoo’s reward catalog has an exciting range of options, including donations, merchandise, charities, and more! 

  • One-to-one performance conversations with standard templates and question banks to bring out the best in employees. 
  • Incentives to reward your employees and build a strong company culture. Organize programs on health and wellness, cybersecurity training, and more. 
  • Collect actionable feedback from employees to drive innovation and collaboration. 
  • Use employee rewards to share meaningful recognition. Use hi-fives and comments, add personalized messages and tokens, and assign rewards. 
  • Excellent rewards selection
  • Mobile app experience is good 
  • Great interface 

Get in touch with the company for a quote. 

7. Kudos 


Kudos is a cloud-based employee engagement tool that combines the power of open communication, peer-to-peer recognition, and value reinforcement to drive performance and productivity and increase retention rates. 

80+ countries use this SaaS solution because of its unique methodology for delivering real-time analytics on equity, performance, culture, and inclusion. This helps organizations get an in-depth understanding of their workforce. Celebrate wins, discuss challenges, and give your employees the best experience. 

  • Customized recognition for local and global teams. Select from third-party rewards or link it with a pre-existing loyalty system. 
  • Gain actionable data and analytics on individual performances.
  • Leverage the communication platform to publish status updates, announcements, newsletters, and more. 
  • Executive reports to check performance, user status, and engagement levels. 
  • Multimedia recognition programs
  • Powerful integrations 
  • Secured infrastructure 

Get in touch with the company for a quote

8. Nectar 


Nectar is 360-degree employee engagement software that helps create a culture of encouragement and motivation for employees. It is like a peer-to-peer recognition feed, which mostly works as a social media platform. The best part is that you can openly recognize and praise your employees on this public feed for their contributions. 

The reward system is also incredible. They have an extensive range of reward collections, including gift cards, Amazon products, charities, etc. Nectar has partnered with Costco, Walt Disney, Airbnb, and many more to provide exclusive employee discounts. 

  • Encourage shoutouts and provide Nectar points to encourage employees and reduce turnovers. 
  • Exciting reward choices include gift cards, Amazon catalogs, donations, and custom rewards to build a unique culture. 
  • Create challenges and incentivize them to enable employees to earn points and redeem them from Nectar’s catalog. 
  • Automate your employee rewards to celebrate their special moments, such as birthdays and anniversaries. 
  • Great analytic features
  • Company-specific rewards
  • Monthly point allowance 

Starts from $2.75/user/ month, billed annually

Employee Engagement Software for Team Building 

Team building software is an application that enables effective collaboration among employees and streamlines the team building process. It offers a range of exciting group activities and valuable tools to build a stronger, happier, and healthier workforce. 

9. ProProfs Quiz Maker 

ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker is a comprehensive tool for employee engagement that lets you create engaging quizzes on any topic. It provides 100+ professionally designed templates to use as-is or modify according to your needs. 

The software provides 15+ question types, including checkboxes, multiple choice questions, and comprehension. Video responses, cheating prevention, auto-grading, and quiz library are some of the top features in this employee engagement software. 

  • Bring people together with trivia quizzes. It’s an icebreaker for new remote workers. These quizzes encourage healthy competition and make learning fun. 
  • Use quizzes to teach team-building skills, such as conflict management, leadership, and communication skills.
  • Facilitate learner collaboration through meaningful Q&A-based discussions. Set reminders for quiz completion and ensure ongoing compliance. 
  • Leverage Zoom quizzes where all the participants can attend and answer the questions remotely. The one who answers first wins the game! 
  • Professionally designed quiz templates
  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Excellent anti-cheating features 

Starts from $0/month

10. QuizBreaker 


QuizBreaker is a platform designed to engage remote teams through exciting icebreakers and trivia questions. This team-building software creates a strong bond among team members. Admins can invite remote team members to engage in fun activities to foster healthy competition and collaboration. 

It’s a flexible platform that enables teams to play anytime, anywhere. The idea is to make teams familiar with one another through fun sessions. You can use the icebreaker quiz library or simply add your own questions.

QuizBreaker provides high data protection and eliminates all kinds of unauthorized access. 

  • Icebreaker quizzes to foster a positive work culture and make conversations fun. Know more about each other and establish a strong bond. 
  • Gamified quiz rounds to keep your employees engaged. Unlock badges and new levels as you learn new things about your team members. 
  • Comment threads and emojis to show your emotions and build deeper connections with your team members. 
  • The auto-scheduling feature brings all your team members into a rhythm. 
  • Lots of gamification features
  • Easy to use 
  • Quiz rounds are interesting 

Starts from $2/user/month, billed annually 

11. The Go Game 

The Go Game

The Go Game is one of the best online employee engagement tools designed especially for remote workers. It is suitable for a team of 50 to 500+ members. The software has a suite of games and exciting team-building activities. 

Powered by robust mobile technology, the Go Game software combines state-of-the-art innovations and games to boost engagement. Most games last up to 4 hours, but you can adjust the time based on your needs. 

  • Remote team-building games that combine fun and a video conferencing interface with an engaging host. 
  • Hybrid events, such as multi-city adventures and hybrid game shows bring in-person and remote teams together. 
  • Scavenger hunt games where teams explore their environment through engaging location-based riddles. 
  • Holiday party games to make the holiday months memorable and enjoyable for your teams. 
  • Video and chat options
  • Technology-fueled games 
  • Engaging team-building activities 

Get in touch with the company for a quote 

Best Engagement Software for Collaboration 

Employee collaboration software, also known as collaboration tools, are solutions that improve teamwork and communication between teams. It provides a single platform where instructors and learners can share knowledge and ideas and discuss any topics in an informal space. 

12. ProProfs Collaborate 

ProProfs Collaborate

ProProfs Collaborate is an effective tool for real-time collaboration that facilitates meaningful discussions and knowledge exchange. This Q&A software helps cultivate a learning community that aids in growing your team’s knowledge. 

This tool keeps all the knowledge organized and searchable, making it easy to find answers or previous discussions easily without digging through old chat threads, emails, or documents. Create as many groups as you want, ask questions, and share information to create a continuous learning culture. 

  • Initiate discussions and share information among team members. Learners can post queries, add comments, and interact with instructors and other peers in an informal space. 
  • The group creation feature enables instructors and learners to create groups, send messages, brainstorm ideas on various topics, and resolve queries. 
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and improve your team’s learning. Organize knowledge via threads and topics. 
  • Collaborate anytime, anywhere. Access information on any device – be it desktop or mobile. Get instant notifications and chat conversations on the go! 
  • Dedicated space for Q&A
  • Easy to use 
  • Peer-to-peer learning 

ProProfs Collaborate is available bundled with its sister tool Training Maker.

13. Zoom 


Zoom is employee engagement software for corporates designed to build meaningful connections through virtual meetings, whiteboards, team chats, and more. The online webinar feature lets you connect with your team in a personalized manner. Features such as videos, polling, and reactions foster creativity and collaboration in your meetings. 

The Zoom App has introduced a new feature called ‘collaborate mode’ in which the screen sharing experience has been improved. It works seamlessly across all browsers so everyone can join the session. 

  • Virtual meetings through Zoom bring teams together with chats, screen sharing, and high-quality video conferencing features. 
  • Team chats to streamline communication among team members. Send private or group messages, send emojis and reactions, and keep your team informed of all the project updates. 
  • Digital whiteboards for effective collaboration through brainstorming and discussion sessions. Drawing tools and sticky notes are some exciting features. 
  • Cloud phone system packed with Private Branch Exchange (PBX) features, such as call recording, intelligent call routing, and more! 
  • Google Calendar support
  • Streamlines meetings and webinars
  • Easy to use 

Starts from $0

14. Slack 


Slack is one of the top employee engagement tools known for effective team collaboration. This software is used across industries and provides public channels to facilitate meaningful conversations. It has collaboration features that provide more than just messaging. 

You can seamlessly integrate Slack with third-party tools and communicate with your team quickly and securely. The Slack organized spaces, also known as the channels, provide for collaboration across offices, departments, and time zones. 

  • Channels are flexible workspaces to get a shared view of how work is done among team members. Add more clarity to work, align different tasks, and maximize productivity. 
  • Huddles and clips enable teams to collaborate in real time and solve problems without disrupting other work schedules. Connect via audio/video for deep conversations. 
  • Connect faster and in a secure way with outside organizations. Connect new workflows and achieve speed through collaboration. 
  • Send messages directly or schedule them for later. Connect with your remote teams through group chats. 
  • Screen sharing 
  • Great video quality 
  • Powerful integrations 

Starts from $0/month 

Employee Engagement Software for Feedback 

Feedback software is an online tool that helps organizations capture actionable feedback and use the responses to drive improvements. These tools are engineered to evaluate employee engagement and satisfaction. 

The top employee engagement software for feedback are as follows:

15. ProProfs Survey Maker 

Online Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker is employee engagement survey software that enables businesses to collect feedback through personalized feedback surveys. You can pick from 100+ ready-to-use templates to design visually appealing surveys, or you may create your own surveys to gather actionable data. 

This survey maker also provides excellent white-labeling features. You can customize the surveys with your brand colors, logo, and themes. Share surveys via emails with your employees anytime, anywhere, to gather feedback 24/7. 

  • Leverage professionally designed employee training survey templates 
  • Reporting dashboard to get a holistic view of who took your surveys 
  • 20+ question types for collecting actionable feedback on training 
  • Solid Integrations with Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Zendesk
  • Intuitive UI
  • Robust reporting system 
  • Drag and drop feature 
  • Need more survey templates on employee training 
  • The trial period is short 

Starts from $0.05/month, billed annually

16. TINYpulse


TINYpulse is one of the best employee engagement survey tools that provide real-time feedback on staff engagement. The solution helps gauge how your employees are feeling through anonymous surveys. This lets employees provide candid responses and suggestions without any fear of retaliation. 

Surveys help in gathering analytical information, which helps employers incorporate new changes or transform organizational culture. It’s a mobile-friendly platform, so that respondents can take surveys anytime, anywhere. 

  • Pre-built surveys designed by experts to entice employees to respond to your surveys 
  • Pulsing surveys that you can send to your employees weekly. Send reminders to those who forget to respond. 
  • Actionable recommendations based on survey responses for continuous improvement. 
  • All survey responses are 100% anonymous. Employees can share their feedback without disclosing their identity. 
  • Survey library 
  • Best for continuous feedback collection
  • Advanced visualizations for better decision-making 

Get in touch with the company for a quote. 

17. Officevibe 


Officevibe is user-friendly employee engagement software that offers a secure platform to provide honest feedback through surveys. The pulse survey tool lets employers collect continuous feedback on employee engagement. The surveys are designed by experts and create a safe space for real talk.

The pulse surveys deliver a combination of sliders, ratings, and MCQs to deliver engaging reviews on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis. You can check which questions fetch the most response. 

  • Automated pulse surveys with 122+ science-backed questions. It has an algorithm that pinpoints your present team climate.
  • Custom employee surveys to get responses to topics specific to your team.
  • Anonymous feedback to offer a safe space for sharing honest feedback.
  • Comparison survey reports across teams to ensure no teams are left behind, and all challenges are addressed. 
  • Automatic feedback
  • User-friendly interface
  • Surveys on different topics

Starts from $0

Best Software for Project Management 

Project management software is an online tool for successfully planning, managing, and executing projects. The software is used for collaboration among team members and stakeholders. 

The best project management tools are as follows: 

18. ProProfs Project 

ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is a cloud-based project management tool – from planning to execution and completion. This all-in-one solution gives a 360-degree view of your projects so that your teams achieve their goals and meet deadlines, irrespective of location and time zones.

This online software lets you prioritize projects, track progress, and join discussions anytime, anywhere. You can make time sheets to record how much time is devoted to each project. Automated invoicing eliminates the manual tasks of calculating billable and non-billable hours. 

  •  Use a shared calendar to plan your tasks and never miss a deadline.
  • Gantt chart makers to view milestones and deadlines, track work progress, and reassign or reschedule tasks.
  • Delightful reports to track time spent on projects and make data-backed decisions.
  • Effective collaboration through comments and feedback.
  • File sharing
  • Milestone tracking
  • Easy resource management

Starts from $2/user/month, billed annually

19. Asana


AsanaAsana is a user-friendly and robust project management tool that helps teams keep track of their tasks, workflows, and deadlines. It acts as a collaboration tool that enables team members to work in cohesion and let everyone know who’s doing what. You can share project briefs, files, documents, and work updates.

Asana lets you track your team’s progress, enhance collaboration, prioritize tasks, and streamline communication. The work graph data model lets you hit deadlines, meet work goals, and automates workflows.

  • View projects as you like and structure your work accordingly. Create a to-do list to capture and manage every step of your projects.
  • Kanban board view enables team members to view tasks the way they want.
  • Set due dates and reminders, so every team knows the delivery date, no matter their time zone and schedules.
  • Share project briefs, including scope, backstory, and other key details.
  • Easy to use
  • Collaboration focused
  • Powerful integrations

 Starts from $0

20. Trello 


Trello is Kanban-based project management and employee engagement software that functions like yellow stickies on whiteboards. This software can manage projects, workflows, tasks, and more. Trello’s popularity comes from its simple user interface. Unlike other software, this tool is easy to grasp within a few minutes. 

The best thing about Trello is that you can easily create boards for multiple projects. The board contains lists that could include persons, teams, or workflows. It also has cards that contain notes, attachments, checklists, and more. 

  • Preset templates for all kinds of workflows, procedures, and processes. Find pre-designed templates on team management, productivity, and more. 
  • Trello views enable you to view your projects from every angle to make better decisions. 
  • Create dashboards for every project and track all your project progress 24/7. 
  • Butler feature to create commands on your Trello board. Set due date commands, calendar commands, and set up card buttons. 
  • Excellent task overview
  • Great collaboration tool
  • Ability to create multiple cards on each board 
  • Hard to integrate Trello workspace with Google sheets 
  • Limited free features 

Starts from $0

21. Monday.com 


Monday.com is versatile employee engagement software that facilitates project planning and management from one place. You can streamline your project by automating all tasks from start to finish. The best thing is that you can collaborate easily with your team members over one shared platform. 

This online tool lets you monitor performance and get a 360-degree project view on intuitive project dashboards. This ensures that all your team members are on track and they work effectively to meet project goals. 

  • Gantt charts let you view your project scope, status, milestones, and metrics.
  • Project dashboards give you real-time data on project goals, budgets, schedules, and resources.
  • Workload views can show you the amount of work each employee is assigned. This feature prevents burnouts and helps manage team activities well. 
  • Customizable project templates to accelerate project execution and saves time for project managers. 
  • Unlimited personalization options
  • Excellent integrations
  • Cross collaborations 

Starts from $8 /user /month 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software is an online tool that organizations use to deliver better learning experiences, increase job satisfaction, and drive growth. It is most commonly used for sentiment analysis, recognizing and rewarding employees for their performance, and collecting feedback through surveys that are sent at regular intervals to evaluate employee experience and engagement. 

What are the benefits of employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software increases employee engagement, improves the way they learn, lets employees share their valuable feedback and suggestions, improves the onboarding process, increases employee retention rates, and employees feel more invested in their responsibilities which drives more productivity. 

Who can use employee engagement software?

HR departments, managers, instructors, and training departments can use employee engagement software. Mainly, it is used to gather qualitative and quantitative feedback to improve company culture and training programs. 

How to choose the best employee engagement software

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing employee engagement software. That’s because every platform provides a different set of features, so you need to ensure what you exactly need from your such solutions. Ideally, your tool should be easy to use and must have performance evaluation capabilities, automatic notification systems, surveys, powerful integrations, and employee recognition functionalities. 

Ready to Deploy Employee Engagement Software for Your Business?

The tools we went through are the best employee engagement software to drastically increase your engagement quotient. The importance of these tools cannot be ignored because these tools have proven benefits of reducing turnovers and increasing productivity and retention rates. 

They can bring a big difference to your learning and work culture. The only thing is that you need to determine which tool will work best for your business. Make sure the one you choose aligns with your business needs and interests with the right set of features.

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