10 Best Distance Learning Software Trending Now

What is the best distance learning software that I can use?

Right now, there are many on the market. Which one you finally settle with will depend on your specific learning needs and the type of learners. All of these distance learning platforms are designed to help you teach learners as if they are sitting inside a physical classroom. Integrated tools for file sharing, screen sharing, video-conferencing, meetings, collaboration, and whiteboarding enable participants to stay connected in real-time. Add to this virtual classroom and project management software for effective learning and you’re all set.

The ‘distance’ in distance learning is silent. The physical distance between learners and instructors is not an issue anymore, thanks to a number of powerful distance learning software applications available today.

These distance learning platforms have bridged the gaps. The focus has, thus, shifted towards ensuring greater participation of learners in the process and monitoring learning outcomes than anything else.

Top distance learning solutions are in the spotlight these days. Hundreds of millions of students are successfully handling the challenges of continued learning amid the lockdown and social distancing required in light of the coronavirus pandemic with collaborative tools.

If you’re a first-timer, we can help simplify your transition to remote learning. If you already use a tool, then by all means, you will now get to choose a better tool than the one you have already.

The following list will give you a quick overview of the 10 best distance learning software to use and why. Continue reading to find out.

10 Best Distance Learning Software Best For
ProProfs LMS
  • Creating, Sharing, & Tracking Online Courses, Tests, & Exams
  • Virtual Classroom Experience
  • Quizzes & Surveys
  • Discussion & Collaboration
  • Project Management Tools
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Instant Messaging
  • Audio Calls
  • Videoconferencing
  • Mind Mapping
  • Remote Control
  • File Sharing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Recording & Transcription
  • Mobile Conferencing
  • Conference Room Equipment
  • Anytime, Anywhere Scheduling
  • Smart Time Tracking
  • Team Collaboration
  • Multilingual Support
  • File Management
  • Announcement
  • Advanced Search
Troop Messenger
  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice & Video Calling
  • Advanced Settings
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Live Location Tracking
  • File & Screen Sharing
  • HD Audio & Video
  • Team Chat
  • Online Meetings
  • Conference Rooms
  • Phone System
  • Calendering System
  • Project Management
  • File Sharing
  • Social Collaboration
  • Project Templates
  • Instant Messaging
  • Task History
  • Time Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Productivity Monitoring
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Payroll System
Blackboard Collaborate
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Web Conferencing
  • Fast File Sharing
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • High-Quality Audiovisual
  • Chat Services
  • Online Courses
  • Mobile Learning
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Tests & Assessments
  • eLearning Analytics
  • Online Tutoring

Let’s now explore each of these distance learning software further to get a bigger picture.

10 Best Distance Learning Software

1.ProProfs LMS

ProProfs LMS is the easiest distance learning software in the cloud. A secure virtual classroom platform, a well-stocked resource library, real-time progress tracking, and delightful reports are some of the key features that make it a perfect choice for distance learning.

Self-enrollment of course participants saves instructors’ time while ease of customization enables you to tailor it to meet your specific needs. Knowledge measurement also becomes easy with built-in quizzes of different question types.


✓   Virtual ClassroomTrain and manage remote learners easily using a centralized and secure virtual classroom software.
✓   Course CreationEasily develop online content in minutes, either from scratch or by reusing existing material.
✓   Course LibraryGet access to 100+ ready-to-use, professionally designed courses & templates.
✓   Anytime, Anywhere AccessFacilitate self-directed learning with anytime, anywhere, and any device learning.
✓   Discussion & CollaborationEncourage social learning through Q&A-based online forums. Let learners interact and share knowledge in real-time.
✓   Project ManagementSimplify how you manage your mission-critical projects. Collaborate with multiple teams and share files easily. Meet deadlines every time.
✓   Testing & AssessmentAssess knowledge retention by deploying different types of quizzes. Embed them right into your courses and tests.
✓   Tin Can ComplianceCapture learning experiences on any online platform. Easily switch between devices and platforms. Store learner interactions in a learning record store (LRS).
✓   ReportingView individual and group reports on pending and completed courses. Track not only who took a course and when but also the IP address.
Pricing: Starts at $1/learner/month. No hidden costs.
Free Trial:15 days.


ezTalks Top Distance Learning Software

ezTalks is the world’s leading provider of online video conferencing solutions and one of the best online distance learning software. Customer-centric quality video conferencing drives the company. It helps you stay connected with people anytime and anywhere.

The platform supports powerful features, including HD audio & video conferencing, file sharing, screen sharing, and remote control. Different industries encompassing government, healthcare, education, law, and military rely on ezTalks for delivering online conferences, meetings, and training.


✓   Video ConferencingEasily schedule, start or join online video conferences, Join business meetings via telephone call-in. Leverage crystal clear audio and ultra hi-definition video quality.
✓   Mind MappingCreate mind maps for online brainstorming sessions. Present ideas and concepts graphically and analyze them better. Improve the productivity of your employees, no matter where they are located.
✓   File SharingShare docs, presentations, images, or videos from one system to another during live meetings. The integrity of data is assured in a secure cloud infrastructure.
✓   Remote ControlAllow a meeting participant to take control of another participant’s computer screen. Give control of selected documents or the entire computer. Engage in cross-office and real-time collaboration.
Pricing: Starts at $10/host/month


GoToMeeting Distance Learning Tool

Among the top distance learning software, GoToMeeting is a video conferencing, online meeting, and desktop sharing software application. It is an intelligent business tool that facilitates real-time collaboration with employees, clients, customers, and other stakeholders.

Scheduling meetings, instant messaging, obtaining transcripts of meetings, and screen sharing become easy with GoToMeeting. It offers a wide range of solutions for administrators and is suitable for business of any type.


✓   Mobile ConferencingInitiate a conference right from your mobile device and continue it on the move. No need to remain hooked to your desk. Get more out of mobile conferences than you expected.
✓   Anytime, Anywhere SchedulingSchedule meetings with remote attendees in advance. Avoid last-minute rush or confusion by adding meeting schedules to calendars.
✓   Screen SharingThis feature becomes handy when you need to show visual presentations to conference or meeting attendees. It increases engagement and helps understand the context better.
✓   Personal Meeting RoomsTake a personalized approach to online meetings. Create your personal meeting rooms featuring your name, photo, and location. Get over the issue of busy meeting rooms.
Pricing: Starts at $12/organizer/month


ProofHub Distance Learning Solutions

A project planning and management software, ProofHub is the ultimate solution that “helps you to stay on top of deliverables and deadlines.” Using it, you can plan, organize, collaborate, and deliver projects of all sizes on time.

Easily keep all stakeholders in the loop and let them focus on what is important. Eliminate unnecessary and distracting emails and phone calls to and fro. Take project coordination and execution to the next level with ProofHub.


✓   CalendarTake control of schedules with automatic calendar reminders of recurring tasks. Merge your current calendars with ProofHub calendar and avoid multiplicity.
✓   Files & DocumentsGet over scattered or missing files. Keep all of them in one secure place and find them easily whenever you need them. Create multiple versions of a file.
✓   Chat ToolMake direct messaging and conversation with your team easier and quicker. Chat with one individual or a group. Express more with less by using emojis.
✓   Language OptionsLet users see the software interface in their preferred language. Choose from among the world’s major languages. Communicate with your teams hassle-free.
Pricing: Starts at $45/up to 40 projects/month

5.Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger Distance Learning Platform

Troop Messenger is a business communication and collaboration tool. This instant messaging and chat application ensures faster and better communication between people distributed in different locations.

As found in most distance learning tools, it also supports file sharing, desktop sharing, and video conferencing. Multi-layered security for all communications provides protection against data theft, which is helpful, especially for users in the government sector.


✓   Instant MessagingShare work updates through one-on-one messaging. Reply, forward, recall, or delete messages. Make your online chats flawless, fast, and efficient.
✓   Voice & Video CallingCommunicate with team members via voice and video calling. Organize engaging discussions around projects, to-do lists, and meeting deadlines.
✓   File & Screen SharingEasily share files with individuals and groups. Share your desktop screen for a better explanation and understanding of ideas.
✓   Live Location TrackingGet live location updates on your teams; know their whereabouts. Track live locations with the help of a pre-defined timer.
Pricing: Starts at $0.93/user/month


Zoom Online Learning Software

Zoom is a cloud-based provider of phone, video, and chat services. It unifies all of these services in an easy-to-use, single platform that can act as an excellent video distance learning software. With the help of this application, you can keep yourself connected to your team anywhere in the world.

Users can expect to achieve a consistent enterprise communication experience from it. Zoom has been engineered and optimized to perform reliably every time.


✓   Online MeetingsLeverage HD audio, video, and chat services for business meetings. They work on any device and anywhere. Record your meetings and maintain their transcripts.
✓   Conference RoomsStart or join meetings easily from conference rooms in one tap. You can also join Zoom Meetings by connecting with existing conference rooms.
✓   Phone SystemEnterprise-grade cloud phone system for modern users. An intelligent call routing system ensures that you never miss a call again. Retain your current carrier in virtually any country.
✓    Interactive ElementsDeploy Q&A, polls, and virtual hand-raising. Track user engagement with its Attention Indicator. Keep your participants engaged no matter where they are located.
Pricing: Starts at $14.99/host/month


Basecamp Best Online Distance Learning Software

Basecamp is a project management tool for real-time collaboration. The tool brings everything you need in one place. With no files spread over different places, it makes remote working more organized and less challenging.

Freelancers, software development firms, media companies, schools, and non-profit organizations around the world use Basecamp to improve their workflow. The tool offers a better way to work, communicate, and increase productivity.


✓   Social CollaborationStay connected with your employees through a social network. Communicate with each other using phone and video calls. Share files easily and securely.
✓   Project TemplatesSet up a framework for standard projects with Basecamp templates. Populate it with messages, to-do lists, and milestones. Save time by using the same template for similar projects.
✓   Direct MessagesDirect messages, or pings as Basecamp calls it, allow you to communicate with a person or group in real-time. The conversation is visible only to selected participants. Upload or view files in a ping conversation.
✓   Gantt ChartsThese plugins in Basecamp help you plan projects – timeframe, resources required, and the order of tasks. Manage dependencies within tasks easily.
Pricing: Starts at $99/unlimited project/month


Hubstaff Online Distance Learning Software

Productivity monitoring and time tracking software, Hubstaff is a simple yet powerful weapon in the hands of users. Using it, you can create new projects or import existing ones. Timesheets, team scheduling, GPS tracking, reporting, and other features in the tool enable you to work smarter.

Hubstaff supports integration with 20+ productivity tools, which makes it truly a one-in-all distance learning software for continued learning and growth.


✓    Productivity MonitoringTrack and measure employee productivity. Know who is working on which task. Get more things done on time and improve team productivity.
✓    GeofencingManage your remote teams easily based on their locations. Start and stop time tracking automatically when a team member arrives and leaves a job site. Identify the routes they took, stops made, and time spent.
✓   Employee SchedulingSimplify the way you manage employee shifts. Remove all the guesswork and know how long your team members have worked. Add transparency to employee schedules.
✓   ReportsMake data-driven business decisions with detailed reports. Access accurate timesheets, identify project costs and pay employees according to their work.
Pricing: Starts at $7/user/month

9.Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Distance Education Software

If you’re looking for a simple and reliable web conferencing solution for your online teaching and training, Blackboard Collaborate is a good fit. The virtual classroom software offers an effective way to engage with modern learners.

Reach out to your learners wherever they are and collaborate with them on a new level with synchronous learning, HD audio and video conferencing, mobile learning, and more. Easily integrate Blackboard with LTI-compliant learning management systems.

Redefine how you’ve been deploying training or organizing meetings until now.


✓   Virtual Classroom
Collaborate with learners in real-time. Engage with them synchronously regardless of their locations. The virtual classroom adheres to data privacy policies and complies with FERPA.
✓   Web ConferencingAn easy-to-use and browser-based web conferencing technology provides ready access to instructors and learners. There’s no need for software installation.
✓   Interactive WhiteboardInteract with your learners by using virtual whiteboards. Write, draw images, or give presentations. Manage the whiteboard pages, content, and access permission.
✓   Chat ServicesUse the chat to interact with session participants in real-time. Engage in non-verbal communication with emojis. Get access to chat history anytime.
Pricing: Available on request.


WizIQ Distance Education Software

Finally, we have WizIQ in our list. It is one software that truly works in favor of end-users by reducing the load of campus teaching. Connect with your remote learners by launching an unlimited number of courses. These courses are available for both public and private users as well as in free and paid versions.

You can also host an unlimited number of learners on this robust online platform. Take control of distance learning by automating admin tasks. Offer an engaging and holistic learning experience to your teams wherever they are located.


✓    Virtual ClassroomDeliver live classes with HTML5 virtual classroom based on WebRTC. There is no need for a software download. Users can learn on the go. Record and share live sessions via email or social networks.
✓   Course CreationWizIQ takes care of the online course creation part so that you can focus on learner engagement and collaboration. Brand your courses and make them interactive for the best results.
✓   Mobile LearningLet your learners learn with their Android and iOS devices. Increase the course completion rate. Chat in real-time and send course updates through in-app notifications.
✓   Online TutoringBecome an online tutor for remote learners. Deliver public or private sessions. Manage users and assign them roles & permissions. Get everything you need under one roof.
Pricing: Starts at $25/month

Ready For the Best Distance Learning Software?

  • You should be. The best software for distance learning can help you easily teach a global audience remotely.
  • ProProfs LMS is your one-stop solution for distance learning. Take a quick tour.
  • If you have any questions, we’re here to help you. Call (855) 776-7763 or leave a comment below.
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