What Is Mobile LMS?

Mobile LMS (learning management system) is an LMS that users can access on portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This app removes the need for learners to become desk-bound. Instead, they can learn on the go according to their chosen schedules and pace.

This technology is significant considering that a majority of the workforce today uses personal devices to engage in online activities. It includes accessing training resources and downloading study materials.

What Is Mobile LMS

Mobile Learning Management System Features

Deliver learning on the go online or offline

Mobile learning (mLearning) for businesses offers several features that appeal to learners in the modern workplace. Some of them are:



Mobile learning solutions make learning flexible since you can learn on the go at your leisure. Work from home, while traveling, or from any comfortable place. Accessing a course or quiz is easy even when you’re offline or experiencing a spotty internet connection.



Mobile LMS gives learners a more personalized learning experience and ensures a higher engagement level. They can access learning materials at their fingertips. This helps them retain information better and longer.

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

Most people carry their smartphones and tablets with them wherever they go. That’s why learning is available 24x7. They can even download resources and access them later on for just-in-time learning.



In-app instant chat and Q&A community are examples of tools in mobile LMS that facilitate real-time collaboration. Learners can exchange knowledge and receive training updates with ease. This makes learning social, interactive, and productive.

Why Use Mobile Learning?

Why Use Mobile Learning

Having a mobile version of a learning solution is inevitable these days. Learning is slowly moving from desktops to smartphones, thanks to the agility of the later.

Ease of access and use is what modern learners demand in learning tools, and only mobile-friendly solutions such as mobile learning software can fulfill the need. mLearning lets you train both local and remote teams equally well.

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Benefits of Mobile Learning

Make learning easy, improve participation, and save training cost

Mobile learning platforms mark a turning point in learning. They offer the freedom to choose when and where one wants to learn.With a mobile learning solution, you can:

Ensure Complete Flexibility

Ensure Complete Flexibility

Since mobile LMS offers unmatched flexibility, it increases the amount of information a learner can absorb on a single day. There are no fixed hours, days, and places to learn. Learners can start learning at the office and complete a course at home or while commuting.

Make Learning Easy & Fast

Make Learning Easy & Fast

A mobile LMS is optimized for delightful learning experiences. Learners can engage in microlearning with mobile learning management system courses, which is convenient for them and ensures better retention. They can learn only what they can digest at a time, pause it, and resume another time.

Boost Engagement

Boost Engagement

When learners are able to learn when they want, how they want, and from wherever they want, learning becomes engaging and enjoyable. You can deliver eLearning content optimized for a mobile experience.

Take a Learner-Centric Approach

Take a Learner-Centric Approach

Mobile learning puts learners at the center of learning. It lets them take charge of what, when, and where they learn while instructors just play the role of a facilitator. Motivate them to take ownership of learning for best results.

Achieve Lower Costs

Achieve Lower Costs

Mobile LMS is significant from the perspective of lower learning expenses. Most people generally use their smartphones to access courses, and smartphones are comparatively cheaper than desktops and laptops. They cost less for your learners.

Higher User Adoption

Higher User Adoption

Mobile learning is one of the easiest forms of learning. When learners find a learning app easy to understand and use, the chances of them continuing to use it are high. That’s why an investment in mobile LMS is a wise strategy.

Who Can Use Mobile LMS?

Mobile LMS can be used by both educational institutions and enterprises. Students and employees can view assignments, notifications, and certifications. They have access to online content all the time, which makes learning convenient and impactful.

Who Can Use Mobile LMS?

Why Choose ProProfs as Your mLearning Solution

World’s easiest mobile LMS. 15+ million users in over 150 countries

ProProfs Training Maker is mobile-ready and platform-independent. It works on Android, iOS as well as Windows and Mac.

You can upload your existing PPT presentations, documents, videos, and other training materials into your online courses, and we make sure it renders well on mobile devices - without any additional software installed.

We essentially convert MS formats to HTML5 so they render in any browser.

  • Easy to Use
    Easy to Use

    Create and share online courses and tests effortlessly. ProProfs offers a premium premium library of 100+ courses. All training content fits and displays well on all screen sizes. Learners will find the mobile LMS easy to navigate.

  • Virtual Classroom
    Virtual Classroom

    Let course participants access assignments in a virtual classroom built into the mobile eLearning software. Train anyone anywhere in the world using a centralized and secure platform. Easily manage learners, integrate a self-help knowledge base, and view reports & stats.

  • Quizzes & Surveys
    Quizzes & Surveys

    Assess your learners’ understanding of a topic through beautifully designed quizzes. Gather instant feedback on what learners think about your course. Make learning engaging by adding quizzes and surveys throughout a course.

  • Online Q&A Forums
    Online Q&A Forums

    Encourage social, peer-to-peer learning. Let your learners collaborate on common training topics. They can share their ideas and provide answers to important questions through chat conversations and private messages.

  • 100+ Setting & Configurations
    100+ Setting & Configurations

    Configure your mobile LMS your way with 100+ smart settings and configurations. Tailor it to meet your specific teaching and learning needs. ProProfs LMS is designed to accommodate all types of learning requirements with general and security settings.

  • Reports & Analytics
    Reports & Analytics

    Make your online training data-driven and align learning outcomes with your business goals. AI-generated reports and stats tell you whether your learners are heading in the right direction with your training. View individual & group reports and share them with stakeholders.

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How to Deliver mLearning with ProProfs Mobile LMS

Teach or train a worldwide audience through engaging mLearning

ProProfs makes it easy to deliver custom training to the learner groups you have, to the place where they are located. All you need to do is:

Proprofs Mobile LMS

#1 Create online courses and tests. Add images, videos, docs, presentations, quizzes, and surveys. You may add existing materials or start everything from scratch.

#2 Add branding with your logo, colors, and messaging. ProProfs offers readymade themes and fonts. You can also design custom certificates for your learners. The white-label feature enables you to deploy the LMS under your own brand.

#3 Customize the LMS with the help of 100+ settings for self-enrollment, course privacy, notifications, reminders, and more. Provide access to courses through single sign-on. Integrate the LMS with email marketing, CRM, and CMS tools.

#4 Easily share your courses with learners and let them learn on any device they choose. Send course invites via email. You can also share the courses on your website, blogpost, or social media.

#5 View who took your course and when. Check start and finish dates, percentage completed, and scores. The mobile LMS also provides results for in-course quizzes and surveys. Export reports as Excel or CSV files.

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FAQs About Mobile LMS

Why is mobile learning important?

Mobile learning technology is in tune with the needs of modern learners. It is a BYOD policy in action. It meets the demands of busy schedules that characterized most of us today. Mobile learning also helps companies stay competitive in an increasingly complex business world by delivering more engaging training. As the way we work changes, so does the way people learn.

What are the uses of mobile learning?

Mobile learning can be used in any eLearning environment for both online and blended learning. You can use it to deliver online courses and quizzes, host webinars, facilitate instant chat and collaboration, send course updates, and so on. The idea is to take learning to learners and not the other way round.

Can ProProfs LMS be used for mobile learning?

Yes it can be. The tool is compatible with all mobile devices and has been optimized for delightful learning experiences. You can easily access the platform and take courses and quizzes on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This means you can learn anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

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