SSO-Enabled LMS for Easy User Authentication

Say no to remembering passwords!
SSO-Enabled LMS for Easy User Authentication
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ProProfs LMS Supports SSO

Say goodbye to passwords!

ProProfs LMS is an SSO-enabled learning management system. Use the SSO functionality in the LMS to make logins more seamless. Never let password forgetting and resets become a bottleneck to learning. Offer a consistent authentication experience to all your users.

ProProfs LMS Supports SSO

SSO Systems ProProfs Supports

ProProfs LMS supports all popular SSO systems to provide you with a seamless user authentication method while offering a delightful and secure experience.

SSO Systems ProProfs Supports

Benefits of an SSO LMS

Provide Quick Access to Training Resources

Automate learner authentication

Say goodbye to setting and tracking multiple login credentials and hello to seamless access to online courses, resources, and the entire learning ecosystem with just one SSO portal. No more time lost on password recovery. SSO eliminates the need for separate login systems, automatically identifies users, and provides instant access to training materials and tools.

  • tick Training tick Provide instant access to courses & tools
  • tick Training tick Avoid wasting time on recovering info
  • tick Training tick Enable quick identification & provisioning
  • tick Training tick Remove unwanted login bottlenecks

Easily Train Large Learner Groups

Make training at scale more manageable

Manage training for hundreds or thousands of employees with ease by utilizing single sign-on. No more entering login information manually, making the training process smoother and faster. LMS SSO automatically identifies any number of learners in every course and increases user satisfaction. Save your valuable time and labor.

  • tick Training tick Train hundreds to thousands easily
  • tick Training tick Make the process smoother
  • tick Training tick Automatically identify learners
  • tick Training tick Improve user satisfaction
Offer a Seamless Learning Experience

Offer a Seamless Learning Experience

Combat LMS access issues & boost productivity

Enhance the overall learning experience by allowing learners to move between applications, systems, and portals using just one set of login credentials. SSO eliminates the need for repeated login prompts, maintaining the flow of learning and increasing employee productivity. Navigate between your most-used tools effortlessly using a single LMS sign-in. Make learning delightful with SSO.

  • tick Training tick Switch apps seamlessly
  • tick Training tick Maintain learning continuity
  • tick Training tick Improve productivity
  • tick Training tick Use just one credential

Improve Your Data Security

Minimize the security risks of sensitive data

Reduce the number of passwords you use to access different systems and minimize security risks. Single sign-on verifies access to different systems using just one easy-to-recall login detail. It makes user authentication smooth and secure. Store user credentials off-premise remotely and bolster security standards to reduce vulnerabilities associated with the storage and use of sensitive data.

  • tick Training tick Reduce passwords for increased security
  • tick Training tick Get smooth and secure experiences
  • tick Training tick Store credentials in the cloud
  • tick Training tick Minimize vulnerabilities
Improve Your Data Security
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SSO work with an LMS?

Single Sign-On (SSO) works by allowing a user to authenticate themselves once and access multiple applications without the need to enter their login information multiple times. In the context of an LMS, the user logs into the LMS using their SSO credentials, which are then used to authenticate the user on courses and other systems that have been integrated with the LMS. Here’s a detailed overview of How Does the Single Sign-On (SSO) Feature Work?

Can I integrate SSO with any LMS?

Yes, SSO can be integrated with most modern LMSs like ProProfs Training Maker. However, some LMSs may not have native SSO support and may require additional integration to support SSO. To determine if your LMS supports SSO, you can check the LMS vendor's documentation or contact their customer support.

What is the difference between SSO and API?

SSO (Single Sign-On) is a user authentication method to securely identify users before they can access a system. It allows you to use one ID and password for multiple platforms, eliminating the need for different credentials for each platform. API (Application Programming Interface) is a software standard that allows two or more software systems to communicate with each other and exchange information, such as learning data.

What is the difference between SAML and SSO?

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an umbrella term that covers SSO, identity management, and federation. It consists of three essential components: a user, an identity provider, and a service provider. SAML is responsible for activating SSO in apps and enables SSO to share credentials between different applications. SSO (Single Sign-On) is a user authentication method that allows users to use one set of login credentials to access multiple systems.

Should I use SSO or an API with my LMS?

SSO and API serve different purposes and are not a replacement for each other. Both SSO and API can be used with an LMS, as they are complementary and offer different benefits. The question is not which one to use but rather how to use both SSO and API together to extract maximum benefits from your LMS.

Is SSO LMS safe and secure?

Absolutely. SSO is safe from a security and compliance point of view. It reduces the chances of impersonation, unauthorized access, and hacking. Users log in only once each day using one set of credentials. They no longer have to remember multiple passwords. When you reduce the instances of logins, you improve your enterprise security. You can also enforce two-factor authentication to verify users, for example, via an OTP through SMS.

How do I enable Google Single Sign-On?

Enabling Google SSO sign-on is straightforward. You can do it in a few easy and quick steps. Here’s a quick guide on How to Enable Google SSO in Your ProProfs Classroom.

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