Florida Auto Dealer School is an automobile dealership training school for obtaining dealership licenses. It provides training for licenses in new car stores, used car stores, auctions, salvage yards, RVs, and mobile homes. The customers are usually individuals who like to start up and run their own automobile dealership. FADS’ philosophy and goal are to provide training on more than the minimum state requirements. Existing and prospective dealers can expect to learn proven ways to make money and things to avoid. The school is a proud member of the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association (FIADA), the oldest dealer association in the USA.


My customers are individuals who would like to start up and run their own automobile dealership. But not everybody can get into a car and go on a trip to take a live in-person training session. They want something that would fulfill that particular need.


ProProfs Training Maker is an excellent alternative for those who would like to get good quality training and not have to worry about leaving their house or taking time off work.

They can take this training at their own pace and have access to resources.

My customers can return to me for continued education even after the licenses are in place.


ProProf serves as an avenue for reaching out to customers who are unable to come to physical sites where I am holding my training sessions.

I’ve also introduced other companies to ProProfs. When I reach out for help, help is always there. ProProfs was always more than generous with their time and responses to training challenges.

The communication factor is very much appreciated. I look forward to many more years of an ongoing relationship with ProProfs.

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