Okta Integration With ProProfs LMS

Sign into ProProfs LMS securely with Okta accounts

What Is Okta Integration With ProProfs LMS?

What Is ProProfs LMS Integration With Okta?

ProProfs LMS Integration with Okta enables Okta users to sign into ProProfs Training Maker through user authentication and provisioning. It uses Single Sign-On (SSO) and Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to accomplish this.

Okta SSO runs on integrated platforms and allows people to access any application, any time while enforcing strong security policies. It helps organizations work faster and stay secure.

The integration provides a secure environment for managing user identity. You can create, update, and deactivate user accounts, and sync passwords.

You can easily set up the Okta SSO integration and get it up and running in minutes.

Why Integrate Okta With Training Maker?

Easy Setup

Like all other integrations at ProProfs, Okta integration with the LMS is effortless. Anybody can do it regardless of their tech skill level. There is no need to consult your IT team. Simply go to ProProfs Training Maker settings, enable Okta integration, enter the API key, and it’s good to go!

Single Sign-On

Easily log into Okta from within ProProfs LMS. There is no need to enter separate login credentials for the two systems. In Okta single sign-on, users also don’t need to remember their login IDs and passwords. Log in once and access the two tools seamlessly.

Ease of Control & Management

Control within Okta who has access to ProProfs LMS. Enable your users to automatically sign into the LMS with their Okta accounts. This Okta SSO login enables you to manage your accounts in one centralized location, the Okta portal.

Automated Notifications

Automate notifications to all your course participants, so they don’t miss anything. Streamline training scheduling with timely email notifications to each participant. Let them know of any last-minute changes easily from within ProProfs LMS.

Data Tracking

Enrolling learners in online training in an LMS and gathering login data from Okta is time-consuming. But you can simplify it by integrating Okta with ProProfs. Let Okta share all the consolidated data so that you can find it in the LMS. All you need to do is simply log into ProProfs.

World-Class Security

The integration supports foolproof security that keeps training in an Okta-enabled environment safe. This puts users away from all kinds of security risks. Secure login portals, role-based permissions, and GDPR compliance are some of the security features in this integration.

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