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What is BambooHR & ProProfs Training Maker Integration?

ProProfs Training Maker integration with BambooHR allows you to bring two closely related business functions - hiring and onboarding - in one place.

The integration automates adding employees from your human resource management software to ProProfs Training Maker.

Every time a new employee joins your organization, they will be automatically added to BambooHR so they can take onboarding and compliance training courses immediately.

You can view all the training-related data, such as who has taken a course, who is yet to, and more without ever leaving BambooHR.

Features of BambooHR Integration With LMS

LMS integration with BambooHR software lets you assign courses to your new hires, train them, and track their learning progress in real-time. Data sync between the two platforms becomes seamless. Here are some of the top features of the integration:

  • Pre-Employment Tests

    Add professionally designed, ready-to-use pre-employment assessment tests to your job postings and check the efficiency level of candidates like a pro.

  • Easy Course Assignment

    Easily assign ProProfs training courses to newly recruited employees by simply sharing the course links.

  • Talent Management

    Attract, hire, motivate, and retain high-performing employees through a linear and sustainable workflow.

Benefits of BambooHR Integration With Training Maker

Fast forward onboarding by assigning courses centrally. Let employees take courses without ever leaving your site.

  • Agility in Process

    Add agility to your employee hiring and training process. Save a significant amount of time and effort.

  • Continuous Learning & Development

    Develop ongoing L&D programs for employees working in different strategic departments such as sales, HR, support, etc.

  • Easy Setup

    Get the integration up and running in minutes. Visit the integration guide to know the easy-to-follow steps.

BambooHR Integration Guide Try it FreeGet a Demo

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