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What Is ProProfs Knowledge Base Integration With LMS?

It is a must-have integration to promote a culture of self-driven learning. Through this integration, you can easily launch ProProfs Knowledge from within the training maker.

This way, training participants can learn in the flow of work to gain a deeper understanding of your company’s products and services, internal policies, or how to perform a task.

Such an integration saves time since it removes the need for instructors to spoon-feed learners all the time. Instead, it provides the latter with manuals, guides, instructional videos, and other self-service resources.

Features & Benefits of LMS Integration With ProProfs Knowledge Base

Easily set it up, control access, send automated notifications, and more

  • Easy Setup

    ProProfs LMS and ProProfs Knowledge Base integration is easy. Anyone can do it without the need to consult a developer. Simply go to ProProfs Training Maker settings, enable Knowledge Base integration, enter the API key, and you’re all set.

  • Single Sign-On

    SSO enables your learners to log in to ProProfs Knowledge Base from within ProProfs LMS. No need to enter separate login credentials for the two tools. It removes password fatigue in users as they’re required to log in only once and access the two tools seamlessly.

  • Easy Access Control

    Easily control in ProProfs LMS who access ProProfs Knowledge Base with this LMS-Knowledge Base integration. Enable your users to automatically sign into the knowledge base with their Training Maker accounts. Centrally manage your accounts in the LMS.

  • Automated Notifications

    Send automated notifications to all your course participants about any new user manual, FAQs, wikis, or documentations. Ensure they don’t miss any chances of learning. Let them know about all the updates to your knowledge base. You can do all this easily from ProProfs LMS.

  • Report Overview

    Find out the number of articles viewed by your course participants, the keywords used in the searches, how often they use the knowledge base, total searches, and failed searches. Know the performance of your help sites and how they are benefiting the trainees. You can see all this data from a single dashboard.

Connecting ProProfs Knowledge Base with Training Maker is easy. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the integration guide for the LMS integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base and start leveraging all these benefits and more.

Integration GuideTry it Free Get a Demo

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