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What is Highrise + ProProfs Training Maker Integration?

Highrise CRM integration with ProProfs LMS is a powerful and strategically significant integration from the sales point of view. With the support of Training Maker, you can import the list of course participants to your CRM and set them up for targeted email marketing. This way, you can use learner data in the LMS for prospecting customers. The data generated by this integration can be used to optimize your marketing campaigns and sales based on the needs and preferences of your potential customers.

Features of LMS & Highrise Integration

Highrise CRM integration with LMS allows you to assign training to your Highrise customers. The best part is that it provides a seamless experience to users as neither instructors nor learners need to switch between the two platforms. You can assign online courses, track compliance, and view report cards without ever leaving your CRM. Here are some of the key features of the integration:

Online Courses

Create online courses in minutes using pre-made training materials from our library. Embed them in your CRM and train your business contacts.

CRM User Details

Instantly import data related to your CRM users into ProProfs LMS. You can then assign them courses and tests effortlessly.

Easy Setup

SSO enables users to get access to the two platforms hassle-free. Users who are logged into your CRM environment get logged into ProProfs LMS automatically.

Benefits of Highrise CRM Integration With LMS

Integrating a robust cloud-based learning management system with a customer-facing CRM brings multiple benefits. It helps you engage the right customers with the right training materials at the right time. It also helps you centralize how you manage and track customer information. Achieving successful user onboarding, ongoing engagement, and customer satisfaction lies in such a powerful integration. Take a look at some of the key benefits:

Centralized User Data

LMS-CRM integration enables you to automatically export training data into Highrise. Different stakeholders can access reports to check course compliance. This increases business efficiency and removes information bottlenecks.

Improved Customer Training

Provide quality training programs to your customers based on the data you captured after monitoring their behaviors and market trends.

Easy Setup

Setting up this integration is effortless. Visit the integration guide above to see how to set it up.

Highrise Integration Guide Try it FreeGet a Demo

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