Global Linking Solutions (GLS) is a provider of managed computer network and security services in Charlotte, North Carolina. Founded in 1998, it designs, stages, configures, and deploys commercial-grade data networks and security assets worldwide. Currently, it operates in 122 countries worldwide.

GLS focuses on deploying optimized network designs that improve security, drive high availability, and improve performance. It manages more than 100,000+ globally managed devices and 30,000+ security operations center (SOC) surveilled assets.


We are a cybersecurity and network management company and we monitor and manage the networks for companies like Jersey Mike's, Domino's Pizza, Dillard's, and Best Western.

We've got employees in six different states and we work 24/7. It was really hard for the employees to connect. This was a big issue. Number one was lack of cohesive training. Number two was ineffective communication. That was what we saw across the board in the surveys.

We had a turnover rate of about 30% and the number one complaint, with both internal and external evaluations, was lack of a cohesive training department.


I looked at 15 different LMS. And I could not find anything. Once I got ProProfs I was shocked at how much flexibility we had.

One of the things the company's been talking about before I got here was management training. How do we train our managers when they're spread across different states in different time zones?

The pre‑built management courses in ProProfs are phenomenal. I mean, wow. So we basically went in there and tweaked them. But in the process of these other courses that I've been building, we started putting together a management program basically off of all the pre‑built courses that are in there.

A part of the package we got was the pre-employment quizzes. That was a big issue for us. I'm trying to assess customer serviceability and critical thinking ability. So as soon as we saw those, I went okay, oh, that's interesting.

Another thing I love that ProProfs does, and not everybody does, is that it saves your progress (automatically).

Also, for the quizzes and the surveys there's 17 different types of questions I can use. That's huge.We can manipulate the data out of that.

Also one of the things that I really love about it is the variety of options for delivering the material.

ProProfs has made their prebuilt courses available to bring in skills and knowledge and expertise that we don't have in‑house.

So the beauty of being able to move things around and piece it together is phenomenal because I can create any combination of classes or segments of classes that I want.


That is very interesting. It's taken a process that was very elongated and narrowed it and streamline it. And it's much, much more efficient and more flexible.

So we went from four hours to actually having a full three week onboarding process. And all of this is internalized in the LMS. We can have at any given time three different groups at three different points in the onboarding and training process.

And that report functionality is phenomenal because we're going to set it up in a hierarchical relationship where the department head is going to be the instructor in all the courses that deal with his department. The managers are going to be the group leader for all of their employees. So at any given time, they can go in and pull whatever reports they want.

All the reporting is internalized. You can run any report you want at any given time. And I can do it in any combination as far as individuals, all the way up to the whole company.

So something that we were having to do one‑on‑one is now completely automated for us.

What has impressed me even more is that they've the little chat feature, live chat, that you can use to talk to support. The level of service and professionalism has been refreshing.

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