Raab Associates is a renowned consultancy firm specializing in marketing technology and customer data management. With over 30 years of experience, they help businesses optimize their marketing strategies and leverage data-driven insights for improved customer experiences. Founded by David Raab, a recognized expert in the field, Raab Associates offers comprehensive services encompassing technology selection, data analysis, marketing automation implementation, and customer data platform (CDP) guidance. They provide independent and unbiased advice, tailored to each client's needs, to ensure they can harness the full potential of their customer data for growth and success.


Customer Data Platform Institute faced several challenges in their training program. They needed a learning management system that was flexible enough to handle different content formats and rich capabilities such as quizzes, tests, and progress tracking. They also required a solution that could accommodate multiple vendors and effectively manage the flow of people participating in the courses.


After careful research, the Customer Data Platform Institute selected ProProfs Training Maker as their preferred solution. David Raab explains, "We looked around for a learning management system to support that program, and we chose ProProfs. So we use that to distribute courses that we develop in conjunction with the industry vendors who are our sponsors."

ProProfs Training Maker provided the Institute with the flexibility to load various content formats, manage quizzes and tests, and track the progress of participants. The platform's robust features and user-friendly interface made it the ideal choice for delivering courses and supporting the Institute's educational objectives.


David Raab expresses delight with the results achieved through ProProfs Training Maker. He states, "We researched fairly carefully... ProProfs delivered what we were looking for."

By leveraging ProProfs Training Maker, the Customer Data Platform Institute has successfully distributed their courses, managed student registrations, and tracked progress. The platform's seamless functionality has allowed the Institute to meet its goals without encountering any major setbacks or unexpected issues.

As the Institute continues to utilize ProProfs Training Maker, they look forward to exploring additional features and possibilities. David mentions the Institute's interest in allowing sponsors to contribute materials to the courses, further enhancing the educational experience for their members.

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