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Why Adopt Web-Based Safety Training?


Employees in many industries are required to receive safety training. This requirement may come from the government (such as the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)), from the company, or, more commonly, from both. Because of the many advantages afforded by the online format, more individuals and companies are choosing to pursue this training online. Here are five reasons to adopt web-based safety training in your organization.


Web-based safety training is the single most convenient way to deliver the training your employees need. Rather than having your employees miss 10, 20, or 30 hours of work (more if they must travel to where the course is offered), they can take web-based safety training on their own time.

This is not only convenient for you; it’s also convenient for your employees. They don’t have to take time away from their other tasks to complete their training. Instead, they can do it when and where it best fits their schedule. For this reason, many employees prefer web-based training in general to more traditional, less flexible formats.

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Web-based safety training costs significantly less than traditional instructor-led training. When calculating the cost of training, organizations often forget to take some of the biggest costs into account. For example, not only do web-based training courses themselves cost less, but employees don’t have to take as much time off from revenue-generating activities and you don’t have to pay for their travel or related expenses. When you consider all of these expenses, the cost of web-based training is a mere fraction that of instructor-led courses.

On-demand training

Companies often need different employees to be trained at different times. For example, you might hire several employees who all have different start dates, but still all need the same training. If you wait until everyone can be trained at once, you could lose out on productivity from employees who could be working, but aren’t because they haven’t completed the mandatory safety training. Web-based training can be offered on demand, so regardless of when your employees start working, they can all be trained immediately and can get started on the job.

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Training effectiveness

Studies have shown that eLearning leads to greater retention than instructor-led training. This is especially important for safety and compliance training. After all, the goal isn’t just to fulfil federal or state requirements. The goal is for workers to be safe on the job. Whether your employees need to learn about construction safety, handling hazardous materials, or just general safety procedures, web-based safety training is the most effective type of training course you could offer.

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Performance tracking

For many regulatory purposes, you need to confirm not only that your employees have attended mandatory safety courses, but also that they passed the courses at a certain level. Web-based safety training provides automatic performance tracking so that you have your employees’ performance information at your fingertips.

In addition to assisting you with your record keeping, this information can also be useful for helping you identify employees who are having trouble in the course and provide supplementary resources and support as necessary. Rather than waiting until the end of the course to find out if everyone passed, and perhaps having to offer the training again, you can track performance in real-time and take the steps necessary to ensure success.

As an employer, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that your employees are properly trained about safety, both to fulfil compliance regulations and to decrease the chances that someone will get hurt on the job. Web-based safety training provides a practical, affordable, and powerful solution for you to achieve this goal.

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