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What is Campaign Monitor + ProProfs Training Maker Integration?

ProProfs Training Maker and Campaign Monitor are powerful tools individually, and when you combine the features of both, they become unstoppable! With ProProfs Training Maker and Campaign Monitor integration, you can assign courses to your new Campaign Monitor subscribers effortlessly. This integration helps you automate how you gather details of those who took ProProfs courses and send personalized emails to them with ease.

Features of Campaign Monitor & LMS integration

Fetch sales leads with readily available data on individuals who took ProProfs courses through Campaign Monitor & LMS integration. Deliver marketing emails to subscribers in your lists and make the most of your integrated marketing communications. Send personalized, relevant, and branded emails. It has never been easier.

Personalized Emails

Send customized emails to your customers using intuitive Campaign Monitor API for LMS integration.

Easy Conversion

Easily turn individuals who take ProProfs courses into long-term Campaign Monitor subscribers.

Easy Setup

Setting up this integration is effortless. Visit the integration guide to see how to set it up.

Benefits of Campaign Monitor LMS Integration

Streamline your email marketing campaigns to make them effective and sustainable. Automate how you collect user data for your email marketing campaigns with this integration. As soon as someone takes your ProProfs course, you can automatically send their details to Campaign Monitor. This automatically signs up new learners to your email marketing lists, thereby simplifying your efforts towards targeted marketing campaigns.

Solid Subscriber Base

Every time you import details of those who signed up for ProProfs courses to Campaign Monitor, you are populating your email marketing lists with new subscribers.

Quality Leads

Campaign Monitor integration with ProProfs Training Maker opens the way for generating quality leads.

Better Conversions

With ready data available on individuals who participated in ProProfs courses, conversion is just one step away.

Campaign Monitor Integration GuideTry it Free Get a Demo

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