Easily Create IT Training Courses

Build customized training courses for your employees

Easily Create Online IT Training Courses

Design IT training courses using robust IT training software. Provide instructions on the latest IT trends and bring your employees up to speed. Easily tailor online IT certification training courses to suit the learning needs of different individuals or groups. Add quizzes and surveys to courses to assess knowledge retention and gather feedback. Increase employee productivity through effective knowledge transfer.

Train Anytime, Anywhere

Provide flexibility of time and place while accessing courses

Train Anytime, Anywhere with Best Online IT Training

Leverage flexible delivery of online IT training courses by allowing access independent of time and location. Let learners take courses during their free time from home, café, or while traveling. All they need is a reliable Internet connection. Use our cloud-based software to train remote employees or in-house employees. ProProfs IT training software to deliver IT training across a range of devices such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.

  • Train in-house & remote employees 24x7
  • Let learners learn from home or café
  • Provide access on multiple devices
  • Offers seamless learning experience

Track Learning Progress

Monitor the performance of each learner in real-time

Track Learning Progress of Online IT Training Courses

Evaluate learners’ performance and understand their strengths and weaknesses through formal assessments. Find out completed courses, pending courses, how much time each learner is spending on a particular course, their engagement level, and where they particularly face obstacles. Use this insightful data from our IT training software to improve the learning experience and course content.

  • Track progress of each learner
  • Understand their strengths & weaknesses
  • Find out their engagement level
  • Improve learning experience

Get Insightful Reports & Stats

View detailed analytics of online learning activities

Get access to online assessment reports to know the scores of each learner. Pick out top performers for online IT certification courses and identify any existing knowledge gaps. Use course compliance reports to prioritize your actions as a corporate instructor. Monitor who has taken a course and who needs to by using our user-friendly IT training software. Find out the overall course participation rate for a given IT training course.

  • Know each learner’s scores
  • Access course compliance reports
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Monitor course participation rate


  • IT Training Platform for Online Training Courses Online Training Courses

    Create online courses for training easily

  • IT Training Courses Flexible Delivery Flexible Delivery

    Let learners learn from anywhere, anytime

  • IT Training Software Integrations Integrations

    Leverage 100+ smart integrations & configurations

  • IT Training Course Online Task-Based Activities Task-Based Activities

    Encourage hands-on learning & let learners perform tasks based on what they have learned

  • IT Training Course Online Seamless Collaboration Seamless Collaboration

    Build a learners’ community & facilitate knowledge exchange

  • Demonstrations & Simulations Demonstrations & Simulations

    Demonstrate tasks with pop-up explanations so that learners can see what they’re expected to do

  • IT Training Assessments & Feedback Assessments & Feedback

    Use quizzes & surveys to assess learning & gather feedback

  • Online IT Certification Courses Reports and Analytics Reports & Analytics

    Get insightful reports on each learner

  • Sell Online IT Training Courses Sell Courses

    Sell & monetize your courses online using secure payment gateways


  • Recommended for HR Training!
    I can safely recommend ProProfs to any of our customers requiring competency or compliance testing in multiple languages, or need an instant online assessment tool with kick-ass database capabilities!
    Steve Donaldson
    Steve Donaldson,

    Assistant Director of Media Training, IPC Training

  • Create online training & tests easily!
    Makes training & testing super easy! Powerful yet simple to use! ProProfs Rocks!
    Dan LaPasha
    Dan LaPasha,

    Managing Partner, Learning Technologies

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