Create Groups & Group Admins

Easily create one or more groups of learners with multiple admins

Organize learners into classes or groups for centralized learning with enterprise learning management system (LMS). Train multiple teams using ProProfs enterprise learning management system. You can also train remote employees, channel partners, distributors or vendors with an extended enterprise LMS. Assign one or more admins to individual groups and add learners. Admin can view, share reports, set reminders and assign tasks to the group members. The self-registration feature simply allows learners to enroll themselves and pick up courses to learn within the classroom independently. Help your admins by saving their time so that they can focus on controlling knowledge assets.

  • tick Training tick Organize learners into classes or groups
  • tick Training tick Train multiple teams simultaneously
  • tick Training tick Assign administrative rights and roles
  • tick Training tick Enable self-registration

Integrate with SCORM, xAPI & More

Leverage your enterprise training management system with popular integrations
Integrate your enterprise LMS system with powerful apps

Easily measure learning interactions using SCORM and Tin Can. Import your existing training materials into ProProfs easily. Integrate your course with enterprise identity providers such as Active Directory and LDAP to enable Single Sign-On for easy login and quick authentication process. We also support an advanced API and integrations like SalesForce, MailChimp, Google Drive, Dropbox and many more.

  • tick Training tick Measure learning interactions
  • tick Training tick Tin Can & SCORM-compliant
  • tick Training tick 50+ integrations including SalesForce & LDAP
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Course Bundles & Learning Paths

Easily create topic-specific courses for learners

Provide topic-specific course bundles or skill-specific learning paths to administer holistic learning using one of the best enterprise LMS systems or enterprise LMSs. Easily create course bundles as a part of the enterprise learning solutions and lay out learning paths for the trainees to learn and evolve gradually. Learners can get training courses covering different but related topics such as Federal Sexual Harassment Training and New York Sexual Harassment Training within a single classroom. Offer courses in a designated order to facilitate step-by-step learning. Simply club courses in one to serve the particular needs of instructors and learners.

  • tick Training tick Create course bundles
  • tick Training tick Outline learning paths
  • tick Training tick Manage courses in Classroom easily
  • tick Training tick Offer courses in a designated order
Create different course bundles with the help of enterprise training programs

100+ Smart Settings & Configurations

Set reminders, notifications, and expiry for personalized learner experience
Enterprise LMS - Award certificates upon successful completion of your courses and tests

Smart settings and configurations in enterprise learning solutions enable admin to easily manage multiple instructor accounts from one central location. Explore settings like reminders, notifications, compliances, authentication, restricting attempts, expiry, and more to customize your experience. Easily list or delist courses for selective learners and groups.

  • tick Training tick Manage multiple instructor accounts
  • tick Training tick Set reminders, compliance, and expiry
  • tick Training tick Make courses private or public

Insightful Reports & Analytics

Access course reports and analytics to keep track of learning progress

Get useful insights from advanced reports to identify the problem areas of learners. Easily sort score reports by user names or email IDs. Access course reports, quiz reports, group reports, and user reports. Automated course grading, characteristic of sophisticated enterprise learning platforms, saves time and generates feedback to delight learners with instant results & feedback.

  • tick Training tick Track performance & engagement
  • tick Training tick Access group reports, user reports
  • tick Training tick Automatic course gradings
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