Create Custom Courses Easily

100+ professionally designed customizable courses

Develop computer-based training courses using readymade templates. Customize them to meet the needs of your learners or your industry. Personalize courses by adding your logo. Make learning engaging by adding quizzes, surveys, and polls at the end of each chapter or course. Identify knowledge gaps and gather feedback on your course. Easily update training materials online, so learners get access to the latest information.

Facilitate Self-Paced Learning

Empower learners to learn anytime, anywhere

Computer Based Training Platform Facilitate Self-Paced Learning

With ProProfs, learners enjoy the freedom of studying at their own convenient pace. They can pause and resume training whenever they want. Add to this the ease of accessing training materials on their personal devices. Since courses are taken online, the need to travel is completely eliminated. In this sense, computer-based training software can be used by the physically challenged as well.

  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Provide access on any device
  • Remove the need for traveling
  • Make learning accessible to all

Track Performance via Reports

Get insightful data & know how your learners are progressing

ProProfs equips you with strong reporting tools that enable you to make data-driven decisions on online learning & development. Make better learning decisions based on the insightful reports generated by our computer-based learning software. Find out how your learners are performing and how effective are your courses. Identify and bridge knowledge gaps. Improve your computer-based training programs with learner feedback. View detailed reports on a single dashboard.

  • Get AI-generated reports
  • Monitor learner performance
  • Identify & bridge knowledge gaps
  • Get feedback on course quality

Increase Employee Productivity

Improve understanding & retention capabilities of your learners

Computer Based Training Tools to Increase Employee Productivity

Change the way you train your employees. Switch from traditional white-board training to online training using our computer-based training software. Enable them to apply their knowledge and skills to their job. This ensures better productivity and performance. Break down complex information into bite-sized modules for better understanding and retention. When you use our cloud-based training tools, their learning never stops. Provide well-defined learning paths to your learners so that they are able to work through the training sequentially.


  • eLearning Authoring Tool

    User-friendly platform to create online courses and tests. No technical knowledge required.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning with Computer Based Training Development Software
    Anytime, Anywhere Learning

    Empower learners to learn whenever they want and from wherever they are.

  • Computer Based Training Learning Paths
    Learning Paths

    Provide a roadmap for learning using course bundles to meet unique learning requirements.

  • Scalability

    The LMS easily accommodates your training and learning needs as you grow.

  • Quizzes, Surveys & Polls
    Quizzes, Surveys, & Polls

    Make learning fun and interactive with quizzes, surveys, and polls after each chapter.

  • Computer Based Training Program Advanced Reporting
    Advanced Reporting

    Obtain progress reports on individuals and groups. View pending courses and grade book.


  • Great for training employees
    ProProfs has been a great tool to Create online training for hundreds of employees in US & Canada. ProProfs has allowed us to provide over 3,000 sessions, anytime & anywhere.
    Troy Marble
    Troy Marble,

    Safety Manager at Kiewit Pacific

  • Drive up traffic & website engagement
    ProProfs quiz maker is a great way to engage your visitors (most people will take the quiz, thus spend some time on your site and will be more willing to browse it further Quizzes are greatly shared and can be used to drive up traffic.
    Ann Smarty
    Ann Smarty,

    Editor, Search Engine Journal

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