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What Is Shopify & ProProfs LMS Integration?

Shopify LMS integration is a powerful union of the two software platforms. It is meant for those who want to monetize the courses they’ve created using an eLearning authoring tool. The integration is a complete eCommerce solution, from setting up professional-looking storefronts to selling courses and payment processing. Transform yourself into an experienced merchant easily.

Features of LMS Integration With Shopify

Shopify LMS integration lets you import courses from LMS directly into Shopify. As soon as someone purchases a course, they are automatically enrolled in the course. You also get to choose from a range of eCommerce store templates and designs that you can customize based on your business requirements.

Here are the top three features of Shopify Integration with LMS software:

  • Easy Launch

    Launch your beautifully designed storefront in minutes and start selling courses online easily with Shopify ProProfs integration.

  • Secure Shopping

    Shopify is compliant with Level 1 PCI DSS. Your personal information and transaction data are kept secure.

  • Insightful Stats & Reports

    Get detailed reports & analytics on sales and user enrollment through a robust reporting tool.

Benefits of Shopify Software Integration With Training Maker
  • Standardized eCommerce Platform

    Set up a professional eCommerce platform trusted by millions of buyers. Sell courses with Shopify LMS integration hassle-free.

  • Customization

    Make the storefront visually appealing and unique to suit your taste. Add custom designs and increase the value of the platform.

  • Easy Setup

    Both platforms are already easy to use, and setting up the integration is a no-fuss job. Visit the integration guide for the steps.

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